Are Vans Good For Lifting? Know Why Vans Good Lifting Shoes

Vans are popular footwear worldwide. We know vans started their journey producing shoes for skateboarding. However, people have been using vans for multiple purposes since the birth of the brand happy.

For specific purposes, are vans good for lifting?

Vans are a good choice as general and sports footwear regarding the design and built quality.

You can undoubtedly use a pair of vans for lifting.

Before making a choice for traditional lifting shoes, you should go through the types of lifting. You may not wear vans for every lifting.

If you are going to regular exercises and do some lifting like squatting and deadlifting, vans are a good choice. The sole and design of vans are perfect for these lifts.   

On the downside, vans are not typical weightlifting shoes. For heavyweight, you should choose the best shoes for lifting.

Let’s explore vans with the major factors.

Are Vans Good For Lifting?

In short, vans are good for lifting. Before making any decision, you should know about the types of lifting. We can divide lifting exercises into two parts: General lifting or squatting or deadlifting and heavy weight lifting or specialized lifting shoes.

Vans are a perfect choice for the first category. You can do squatting and deadlifting wearing vans easily. Vans have firm and flat soles. The first category of lifting requires firm and flat soles.

The soles are hard enough to tolerate your weight and bend as your need. The shoes will not force your feet to straight up. Pick up the vans and start lifting workouts at home.

A pair of vans can be perfect for going to the gym. You can also use it as the & skateboarding shoes. If you don’t lift heavy weights, you can go in the vans. In the case of heavy weight lifting, you should choose professional shoes.

What Do Lifting Shoes Mean? 

Lifting shoes are different from sneakers and ordinary shoes. Weightlifting shoes come with flat soles and hard materials. These shoes must be durable. They are made for heavy-duty.

When you lift something or your weight, you must pay attention to the grip. If you cannot grip the floor, you may slip and cause major injury.

The soles of the lifting shoes help the athlete grip the floor harder. The lifter does not slip due to the tracker on the sole.

The design of the lifting shoes must support the arches and ankles. The athlete must not get hurt from the shoes.

Furthermore, lifting shoes may look the same as ordinary shoes but they are different in structure.

Read the next paragraph attentively to discover the factors of lifting shoes with more information.

Vans As Lifting Shoes: Know The Reasons

Exercising at home or the gym requires fit shoes. If you have a pair of vans, you can wearing shoes for lifting and several physical exercises like as running shoes. Vans may not be a perfect match but can be good enough to serve your intention.

Have a look at the supports that vans provide-

Arch support:

Vans shoes have come with “Zero Drop” since the beginning of their journey. The brand introduced its shoes for skateboarders. To grip the skateboards, the shoes should have zero drops.

Zero drop means there is no drop from the bottom to the top of the van’s shoes. It supports the arch to move easily and flat your feet equally. You should feel any imbalance while lifting weight.  

Your arch must be free for lifting weight or doing some basic workouts. Vans shoes keep your arch free.

Ankle support:

Vans shoes do not have ankle support. As a result, you can expand the ability of your ankles. You should not trust the footwear to protect your ankles.

When you are in a training session, vans shoes can be a perfect choice to realize your ankle ability. Expand the working ability of your ankles day by day.

Toe box:

The toe box is the main part of the exercise shoes. The toe box is the part of the shoe that holds your weight. Vans shoes are designed for skateboarders. Skateboarders need to move their stability.

Vans shoes hold the lateral seam of your toes in the right position. It does not let your toe move inside the shoes. In this case, if you have a pair of vans, you don’t need to buy sports shoes for general lifting or exercise.   

Flat sole:

Vans are sports shoes from the beginning of the journey. Sports shoes play a great role in our life when we go for exercise. The sole of the sports shoes holds trackers. On the other hand, it distributes the weight of your body.

Deadlifting or squatting also requires a flat sole. Vans shoes are flat from the bottom to the top. You can use the vans shoes for lifting undoubtedly.

In the case of hard exercising, if you are targeting bodybuilding and about to lift a large weight, you should choose specialized shoes. Take help from the gym specialists.


Vans shoes are durable from the very beginning. You can use them roughly for at least two years. Look, the durability of the shoes depends on several issues.

They started producing shoes for skateboarding. If you know the process of skateboarding, you have an idea of how heavy stress is to bear while skating. Keeping in mind the lasting of the shoes, vans shoes come with long-lasting features.

Clean up the shoes and keep them in the open air to dry up. Don’t heat up the shoes in the dryer if you want long durability.


Sizing also matters for lifting. If you don’t have the perfect pair of shoes while lifting, you may slip down or cause injury to your ankle or feet.

You can see the variations in the size of vans shoes. Visit their official website and pick the best size for your feet. If your target is to use the shoe for exercising and lifting weight, you must choose the perfect size.

Can You Use Vans For Lifting?

Already I have disclosed the major features and sides of vans shoes in the paragraph above. You can use , vans shoes good for lifting. Lifting can be of different types like squat, deadlift, and weight lifting. You must know the facts about shoes.

General lifting like squatting or deadlifting requires hard and firm soles at the same time. You may become confused. Don’t worry. The hard sole means a sole that can last for a long time. Next firm sole means a sole that is easy to bend.

Luckily, vans shoes come with these two features. The soles are long-lasting and very firm. When you are squatting or deadlifting, you can bend them easily without extra pressure.

On the other hand, for heavy weight lifting, you should choose professional weight lifting shoes. You can use vans shoes in this case too if you don’t have a pair of professional shoes.

Are vans good for squatting and deadlifting?

If your target is squatting and deadlifting, vans shoes can be a perfect choice. Squatting and deadlifting require firm and flat soles. A flat and firm sole is the key feature of vans shoes.

The firm sole allows you to bend the shoes at any movement without extra pressure. Next, flat soles distribute your body weight equally from bottom to top. When you lift up, you can easily stand up with the flat sole.

On the other hand, vans shoes do not have high arch support. The shoe height of the top allows you to move your ankle and arch freely. You can enhance your moving ability by wearing vans shoes.

Bottom line:

Vans are such footwear that you can use for multiple purposes. I tried to mention essential information to answer the question are vans good for lifting.

Exercise is a crucial part of our life. If you are determined to go for exercise, you must prepare for the workouts. Vans are suitable for general workouts. Use your vans for squatting and deadlifting only.

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