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We always take the extra step when listing and reviewing products, so that our visitors are comes in contact with the best and most reliable indoor ultrasonic bark control. After hours of analysis and research, we conclude that PetSafe Indoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control – No Collar Needed – Up to 25 ft Range – Anti-Bark Pet Training System – Automatic with Manual Trainer Button may be the best one for your needs. But, if you are still looking for something cheaper and more reliable, you can go to PetSafe Single Room Indoor Dog Bark Control – Ultrasonic Device to Deter Barking Dogs – No Collar Needed – Up to 25 ft Range – Automatic Anti-Bark Pet System .
The table below provides a quick overview of the best indoor ultrasonic bark control. You can check out the design before reading a full review. Also, features that make each product stand out from the crowd are highlighted in order to save your valuable time.

Our comparative list available as well as our recommendations.

To help you make a pleasure buying decision, we have prepared the following section with some key features of each of these indoor ultrasonic bark control. Take a look at the products below and pick the best one that fulfills your needs:

PetSafe Indoor Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control - No Collar Needed - Up to 25 ft Range - Anti-Bark Pet Training System - Automatic with Manual Trainer Button

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  • FOR DOGS OF ANY SIZE: uses high-frequency sound that works to reduce excessive bark of dogs within hearing range; for dogs 6 months and older.We do not recommend keeping the product outdoors. PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control products are weatherproof and can work up to 50 feetfrom a barking dog.
  • INDOOR RANGE: up to 25 foot range
  • VERSATILE: you can use either freestanding or hand-held; Microphone detects barking to prevent false corrections
  • TWO SETTINGS: you can set the unit to automatically emit the ultrasonic tone when your dog barks or press the manual button to correct inappropriate behavior
  • "NO BARK GUARANTEE": some dogs may not be responsive to ultrasonic correction; If this product is not meeting your needs, please contact PetSafe; we’re available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at PetSafe

PetSafe Single Room Indoor Dog Bark Control - Ultrasonic Device to Deter Barking Dogs - No Collar Needed - Up to 25 ft Range - Automatic Anti-Bark Pet System

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  • FOR DOGS OF ANY SIZE: Uses high-frequency sound that works for dogs of any size within hearing range.
  • VERSATILE: Water resistant units can be adhered to doors or window frames or set on a shelf or table
  • ADD ADDITIONAL UNITS FOR MULTI-ROOM COVERAGE: Each unit detects barks up to 25 feet away
  • BEST FOR SINGLE DOG HOMES: Unit is freestanding and can correct all dogs within hearing range
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Uses 2 3-Volt CR-2032 batteries

Rechargeable Anti Barking Device with 4 Adjustable Sensitivity & Frequency, 50Ft Effective & Safe Dog Barking Control Devices & Training Tool, Weather-proof Ultrasonic Dog Bark Box for Outdoor Indoor

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  • 【Safe for People & Dog】- The Dog Bark Control use upgrade ultrasonic technology to allow humans to hear slight sounds but not affected by the sound, but dogs will be sensitive to these ultrasonic waves and other family members or neighbors will not worry about being affected. It does not cause major punishment to the dog, it emits an ultrasound that only dogs can hear to get its attention, so sometimes it doesn't work immediately like a shock collar, please be patient for 1 week to train it.
  • 【4 Adjustable Sensitivity & Frequency】-The Dog Barking Deterrent Device has 4 levels of sensitivity(15-50FT) and 4 levels of frequency (15KHZ-30KHZ). Different dogs may be sensitive to ultrasound in different frequency bands. Please turn the knob to test different frequency bands for best results. If you or your neighbor's dog barks too excitedly, put it in the right spot and you'll have a quiet resting environment.
  • 【USB Charging & IPX4 Weatherproof】- The Rechargeable Dog Barking Control Device has IPX4 weatherproof, the shell is made of ABS material, which is not easy to fade. It can be easily hung on a tree, indoor, outdoor wall or fence to stop any dog barking. And it use USB charging, it can last at least a week on a single charge, no need to buy batteries frequently, saving you money.
  • 【Easy to Use】- The Anti Bark Device has a built-in pickup that can detect the dog's barking within 50 feet and automatically emits ultrasonic that the dog can hear. Once the dog stops barking, the device automatically stops. Compared with the traditional dog training device, it completely free your hands. Automatic and effective training your dog to stop excessive and noisy barking. ASNXBXW
  • 【Great Rang to 50Ft】- Ultrasonic range up to 50 feet, covering indoor and outdoor areas. Compared to traditional hand-held ultrasonic dog barking deterrent, it completely frees your hands. You can easily train your dog's behavior by turning on the knob. Tested for best results within 33 feet. The smaller the range, the better the effect. If you or your neighbor's dog barks too excitedly, put it in the right spot and you'll have a quiet resting environment.

STOPWOOFER Dog Barking Control Devices-Anti Barking Device for S/M/L Dogs-4 Training & Deterrent Modes-Rechargeable Ultrasonic Dog Whistle to Stop Barking up to 16,4 FT-Safe for Human & Dogs (Black)

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  • Bark control and dog training: Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent is a great device for Dog Training and Dog Bark Control. The set ultrasonic frequency (25 KHZ) has a certain effect on dogs and helps you correct their behavior.
  • Safe and effective:Bark deterrent device is an innovative solution for Dog barking and correcting unwanted behavior. Ultrasonic dog training device is safe and effective for all types and sizes (5-120 lbs)of dogs. Suitable for the dogs from 6 months to 8 years.
  • Convenience and ease of use: The small size of the Dog bark deterrent fits perfectly in the hand. You can carry it in your pocket. The Sonic dog bark control starts to work with just the push of a button - very simple and easy.
  • Better understanding between you and your dog: train your dog to behave properly with friendly devices such as Dog bark deterrent devices. Be patient while training your dog and remember to reward your friend with treats.

Teptec Dog Barking Control Devices with Dual Ultrasonic Speakers, Stronger Rechargeable Anti-Bark Device for Outdoor Waterproof and Indoor, Dog Barking Deterrent Safe for Human & Dogs

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  • 【Dual Speakers for Enhanced Bark Control】- Teptec dog barking control device is equipped with two ultrasonic speakers with a more extensive sound range and a maximum effective distance of 55 feet, which can achieve a better bark control effect. The product works on most breeds and is suitable for your or neighbor's dog.
  • 【Safe and Easy to Use】- Ultrasound is harmless to humans and animals and is currently the safest and most humane way to stop barking. The ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is simple to use, placed in the correct position, and automatically activated when the switch is turned on.
  • 【Rechargeable, More Economical】- The product is equipped with a 1500mA rechargeable battery, which can last for 15 days after charging for five hours (depending on the specific usage). Compared with the battery model, it saves five 9V batteries every month, which is worth $20.
  • 【Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor】- The stop barking dog device is only the size of a small alarm clock and can be easily hung or placed anywhere indoors or outdoors. With IPX4 waterproof ability, there is no fear of using it in rain.
  • 【User Guides & Sincere Service】- The effect of the device depends on whether it is used correctly. If you encounter any obstacles during use, or the anti-barking effect is not as expected, please be sure to contact us, and we will provide you with detailed usage instructions or refund services.

Dog Barking Control Device, 3 Frequency Anti Barking Device, 33Ft Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent, Rechargeable Stop Dog Bark Device Indoor Outdoor for Small Large Anti Dogs Barking Control Device

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  • 【 Humane Auto & Manual Dog Barking Control Device 】This anti barking control device works by transmitting ultrasonic to stop dog barking, No irritating smell, and No electric shock. 2 Modes ultrasonic barking control device is perfect for training and stopping dogs barking. Manual mode is suitable for interactive activities, combine with host leading words, which makes your dogs well-behaved. Auto Mode is suitable to stop dogs barking when leaving them alone at home.
  • ‍【 Multi-Function Dog Barking Control Device 】This anti barking device combines 3 effective dog training functions, Strong Light, Ultrason, and Beep Waring. In manual mode, you can choose different functions for training a dog's different bad behaviors, helping to train your dogs easily; turning on Mode Ⅲ will start LED & Ultrason function, which can deter dogs. LED flashlight not only is a good dog barking deterrent device but also can light the road at night.
  • 【3 Frequency Barking Control Device fits All Size and Breeds Dogs 】The ultrasonic dog bark control device with 3 adjustable sensitivity and frequency levels(Ⅰ: 15-30KHz for large, naughty dogs; Ⅱ: 20KHz for docile dogs; Ⅲ: 20-30KHz for small dogs) helps you to choose the different waves to stop different dogs barking
  • 【33FT Extensive Control Range Anti Barking device with Whistle 】The dog barking control device with a 33 Ft(10m) in Auto Mode extensive range is suitable for use to stop a neighbor's dog from barking around your house at night, creating a silent environment for you. This dog barking deterrent device in Manual Mode can help you stop dog barking at others, the whistle can help you call i
  • 【 Use in Indoor Outdoor & Rechargeable 】The dog training bark control device with lanyard and portable sizes is convenient for using outdoor to train dogs. In Auto Mode, the small barking control device can be set on the table or shelf easily, perfect for stopping your dog's excessive barking. This device with a high-capacity rechargeable battery just needs 3 hours fully charged can use for 20 Days, saving your time and money on replacing batteries.

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent Device, Anti-Barking Device for Dogs, Bark Control Range of 16.4Ft, Dog Trainer, Wrist Strap, Battery Included, LED Indicate, Indoor and Outdoor

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  • Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device - MODUS anti barking device using high-pitched ultrasonic technology is safe for humans and dogs. Its sound (25KHZ) will not affect humans but will attract your dog's attention. By pressing the button to emit the ultrasonic sound, this bark control device will help you to train your dogs to stop unwanted behaviors effectively. Compared with traditional dog shock collars, the sonic dog bark deterrent device is way much more friendly for your dogs.
  • Easy to Use for All Breeds Dogs - MODUS dog barking control device is designed for people without dog training skills. Just press & hold the only button of the anti barking deterrent, you can trigger the ultrasonic sound to grab your dog’s attention and stop him/her from doing bad behaviors. Since different breeds or sizes of dogs normally have the same hearing range, as long as the frequency of ultrasound is in their receiving range, the ultrasonic dog bark deterrent will work effectively.
  • 16.4ft Wide Working Range and Portable - The effective working range of the MODUS ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is up to 16.4ft (the normal range of the other anti barking device is 6ft), you can use it indoor, or in the vast expanse of outdoors. PS. Ultrasound may be blocked by walls, try to use it to your dogs with no blocks in between.
  • Ergonomic Design - The bark control device comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap, and it is smaller than the palm of your hand so it fits comfortably into your pocket, and can be easily carried around. The LED light on top of the button can indicate working status( lights up green)and low power mode(lights up red). The MODUS anti-barking device is powered by 4 AAA batteries(included).
  • Professional Tips for U - For optimal results, please use the bark control device as a training aids, along with commands and rewards. This anti-barking device's effect on different dogs may be different. The ultrasonic dog trainer doesn't work for dogs with hearing problems and we recommend not using this product on dogs under 6 months as it may disrupt their hearing development. Please train your dog with respect, do not use it as a punishment too. Be patient during the training process.

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent, 2-in-1 Dog Training and Bark Control Device, Anti-Barking Device, Control Range of 16.4 Ft, Wrist Strap, Battery Included, LED Indicate, Indoor and Outdoor

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  • Dog Bark Control and Dog Training - Our ultrasonic barking control devices provide a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. The anti bark device can effectively train your dogs to stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc.
  • Suitable for All Size Dogs - The average human hearing frequency range is 20HZ~20KHZ, and the dog can hear a wider range from 15HZ to 120KHZ. MODUS ultrasonic bark control emits ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ, so the sound doesn’t affect humans, but can grab dogs’ attention.
  • Convenient to Use Outdoor - MODUS ultrasonic dog barking deterrent devices just fit nicely in your hand and comes with an adjustable anti-static wrist strap. The control range of MODUS bark deterrent is 16.4ft. As we use ultrasonic technology, it works effectively on all sizes of dogs.
  • Easy to Use - When you press & hold the button of the MODUS ultrasonic barking control devices, it will emit an ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by dogs. The LED indicator lights up green when the device is working and emitting ultrasonic sound. Press the button for over 10 seconds, the barking control devices will be turned off automatically. The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries (Included).
  • User’s Guidance - The ultrasonic anti barking device doesn't effective in dogs with hearing problems and we don’t recommend using this product on dogs under six months or above 8 years old. Training is required to achieve highly effective and long-lasting use.

Anti Barking Device,Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Devices 50 FT Range Outdoor Indoor, Stop Barking Dog Deterrent Devices 4 Modes Bark Box Dogs Sonic Sound Silencer Safe for Human & Dogs

as of January 30, 2023 11:50 am


  • Dog Barking Control & Stop Your Daily Nightmares - Our dog bark control devices are effective in stop neighbors dog from barking, thus saving you and your neighbors from the pain of noise. The ultrasonic waves emitted by the anti bark control device will correct the bad behavior of the dog and no collar is needed, it is safe and useful for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • 4 Adjustable Modes & Range Up to 50 Feet-The ultrasonic dog barking deterrent is designed with multiple convenient settings and a multi-directional microphone to capture dog barking in any direction! Please turn the anti-bark device knob to test different frequency bands for best effect. Test mode; 1=Low range: up to 15 feet; 2=Medium range: up to 30 feet; 3=High range: up to 50 feet. It’ll take 2 weeks for some barkers to learn the power of anti-barking devices.
  • Small & Safe No Bark Control Devices - The sonic bark deterrents dog silencer has been tested and proven to be harmless to human, animals and plants. The anti dog bark deterrent make a harmless but effective sound to control excessive barking and you may not even hear it! This bark deterrent device is safe for small, medium and large dogs. Train your dog to stop barking in a professional manner and develop good behavior.
  • Waterproof & Durable Outdoor Bark Deterrent Tool - This mini anti-bark dog training equipment is easy to hang on trees, walls or fence posts, or you can place it in your garden or next to your dog's kennel. Our bark deterrent works even outdoors on windy and rainy days, but it's best not to leave the battery compartment at the bottom of the deterrent submerged in water, as this may damage the bark control device.
  • User Guide & Sincere Service - This ultrasonic dog bark box is simple to set up and easy to use. The effectiveness of this device depends on proper use. Please know that the 9V battery is not included in the box. If you encounter any obstacles in the process of use, or the anti-barking effect is not satisfactory, please be sure to contact us, we will be happy to help you solve the problem.

2023release Dog Barking Control Devices -Professional Anti Barking Device - 3 Training Deterrent Modes, Ultrasonic Dog Whistle to Stop Barking up to 27FT Rechargeable Dog Silencer Behavior Aid, w/ LED

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  • Stops All Challenges - 2.7x Faster Behavior Modification: Chewer? Digger? Biter? Chaser? More than an anti barking device, our indoor outdoor dog training tools leverage the newest patented NPS technology to grab your pets attention and stop them in their tracks. Squirrel!
  • 3.3x More Effective Than Anti Bark Collar - Don’t subject your dog to the painful shock of a dog bark collar. NPS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Devices combine auto shut-off hearing safety with ultrasonic dog whistle to stop barking technology for happier neighbors, restful sleep and a well behaved pup!
  • Stop Neighbors Dog from Barking. 1 Hour Rapid Charge - Long Lasting 32 Hour Battery: 1000mAh bark control device charges fast and works hard - whether you’re using dog whistle mode, strobe mode, flashlight mode and 25hz ultrasonic training mode to modify behavior without stop.
  • Premium Pup Protection - Hold for Advanced Modes: With 8 second ultrasonic auto-shut off, and a hold function that extends whistle and strobe, this barking collar nemesis is the dog barking control device strikes the perfect balance between rapid training and protecting pups' sensitive hearing.
  • Tails-a-Wagging Guarantee - Tested and proven 3.4x more effective than a dog training clickers, whistle for dogs or pet spray for dogs. With an ultrasonic mode that delivers 2.7x faster behavior modification - "bark quiet" and "bark deterrent" than the best dog obedience programs, we guarantee you’ll love your results, or we’ll buy it back.

This unbiased article currently lists a few of the best indoor ultrasonic bark control in the market and also includes in-depth details of every item to help you make the right decision. If you do not find your own choice, check these Rechargeable Anti Barking Device with 4 Adjustable Sensitivity & Frequency, 50Ft Effective & Safe Dog Barking Control Devices & Training Tool, Weather-proof Ultrasonic Dog Bark Box for Outdoor Indoor , it is the best selling item in the market. If you think that the information provided here is confusing, wrong or actually removed from the actual information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll always be there for you.