Best Treadmill For Senior Citizens in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

We all know walking is great for keeping your body in shape. Treadmills are perfect for that. However, most manufacturers mostly focus on energetic young people. I have seen my grandparents complain about how it badly affects their knees and back.

Best treadmill for senior walking

So, what’s the point of exercising if it ends only hurting you? That’s why my team and I decided to look into it and find the best walking treadmills for seniors. We did some thorough testing and even brought our senior family members to their opinions.

Here is an in-depth review of the best ones available, and we are very proud of the results. Hopefully, these products will be a great gift for your relative.

Reviews of the 8 Best Treadmill For Senior Citizens in 2021

There are plenty of great options available, and choosing the right one is never easy. After doing plenty of research, here is our final list.

1. EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill for senior

EXERPEUTIC TF2000 Walking Treadmill

Handlebars are extremely important for seniors when it comes to machines like these. They will get proper support and safety from them. However, most options out there only have the handles in front of the machine. Plus, they are too tall for some people to reach.

For that, you can check out this product by Exerputic. It is a high-class product with a phenomenal build quality and handlebars that go all around the sides. That way, you can grab wherever you want for full support. Other than that, there are tons of other features too. 

Firstly, let’s talk about speed. This machine can go from 0.2-5 miles per hour, which will be more than good enough for any senior member. There are even 10 shock-absorbing deck cushions with reinforcements for a much safer experience.

However, there is one small inconvenient feature of this product. It is not too technologically advance. Yes, it does have a powerful LCD screen and some buttons, but that’s about it. It will show you the necessary information about calories, time, and distance. Although, you will not be able to play music to set the mood.

In this day and age, it can be a bummer for some people. However, this one is good enough for recovery. Another great thing about this product is the price range. It’s much cheaper than your other options available. For the price, you are getting all the necessary features.

If you are worried about height, then relax. It is only 5” above the ground. That way, it won’t require you to pull your leg up too high. This one is a very convenient machine for the old folks and a good budget option.


  • Easy to climb
  • Long padded handlebars
  • Budget-friendly
  • Slow speeds
  • Easy to move around


  • Not technologically advanced
  • Difficult installation process

2. Sunny Health & Fitness (SF-T7857) Walking Treadmill for senior citizen

Walking Treadmill for senior citizen

Since people use exercising machines very roughly, reliability is always a big factor to consider. How do you solve this issue? Well, testing out a new machine for 5 minutes will clearly not tell you about its life expectancy, right? It’s always a leap of faith for products like these.

One thing you can do is go for a product from a reputable manufacturer. These manufacturers wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t make high-quality machines. Most of the time, they are reliable, just like this option from Sunny Health. If you know a bit or two about treadmills, then you know about this brand already.

They are insanely popular because of their simple yet durable build quality. Thankfully, this one is no different either. It comes with a heavy-duty frame that will ensure that no matter how rough and long you use it, the product does not get badly affected.

There are also extensive handlebars, which have nice padding for comfort and stability. One thing that a lot of manufacturers overlook is the running surface. If it is slippery or has a bad build quality, any accidents might occur. Now, you’ll be happy to know that this one has a premium build and a grippy texture.

The multifunctional monitor is pretty good, and the screen is bright and visible. You will get all the necessary buttons. Talking about buttons, this one has a big quick stop button for safety measures. You can already see that the engineers put a lot of thought into this.

Sadly, this machine does not come too cheap. It is fairly simple, but it has a premium build and a high price tag. However, if you care more about safety and ease of use, the extra investment will be more than worth it.


  • Effortless to install
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Low profile deck
  • Quick stop button


  • Expensive
  • Wheels are a bit janky

3. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill for senior walking

NordicTrack Treadmill for senior walking

One cool thing about the latest machines is that they have plenty of technologically advanced features. When it comes to powerful machines like these, it is almost like you have a personal trainer with you. Now, which one is the perfect option for it? Since there are so many options out there in the market.

Well, this one by NordicTrack is a safe option. It is a fantastic product with all the necessary features. Firstly, let’s talk about the build quality before we get into the tech features. You will get a solid metal body that feels premium to the touch and high-quality wheels, making it easy to move around.

This one comes with a big screen that will give you tons of smart features. You will get a 30 day trial of iFit membership, which basically shows you videos of different trainers to help you out. It has tons of other cool features like Google maps and other smart tracking options.

You can set up profiles too for various users. The machine will automatically help you with the speeds, incline, and other features. It has a soothing voice that tells you if it increases or decreases the speed or controls the machine. You can also keep track of your whole body with this machine.

This product even automatically folds up after use to save up space. The experience is world-class, and once you get too attached, other manual treadmills will never feel good enough. Now, let’s talk about some drawbacks; all of these features come at a high cost. 

Other than that, it does not have any long handlebars. So, if you don’t require any long handles for support, this will be a great investment. Running on a treadmill will never become boring for you.


  • Gives you trainer features
  • Tracks various stats
  • Fold ups after use
  • Cushions for comfort
  • Comes with an auxiliary music port


  • Costly
  • No long handlebars

4. Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

Ultra High Capacity Treadmill Treadmill

When you go from regularly walking outside to walking on a treadmill, one of the biggest issues will be the machine’s width and length. Some people need larger walking spaces to feel comfortable. Having a large walking space is great for senior citizens too because they can walk much freely.

For that, you can check out this other option by Exerpeutic. It is a pretty simple treadmill, but it is budget-friendly and great to use. Firstly, let’s talk about the measurements. The 20-inch wide belt will be perfect for people seeking more space to walk.

There are also 18-inch long handlebars for ease of use.  For those who want to know, this machine can hold up to 400 pounds. Just like its brother, the speed is also adjustable in this one. You can adjust the speed in 0.1 increments up to 4 miles per hour.

For older people, that is a godsend of a feature. You can pick just the right speed for yourself. And you also get an LCD screen which will show you valuable information like time, distance, calories, speed, and pulse. However, it does not have an auxiliary port if you want to listen to music too.

Moreover, it also packs a powerful motor. This quiet treadmill can deliver up to 1.5 horsepower to run everything fast and smoothly. This smart motor will also give you a feature called ‘Quiet Drive.’ It basically silences every walking any sort of noise while walking. 

For the price, it’s a great option. Installation might be a little pain, but you will have a pleasant time riding it. The wheels are also high quality, which will not rust away over time.


  • Big belt
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Reduces noise
  • Can hold 400 pounds of weight


  • Average LCD screen
  • Installation can be a pain

5. SereneLife Folding walking treadmill for seniors

Folding walking treadmill for seniors

One of the biggest issues with putting a big machine like this in your home is space management. It obviously takes up a huge amount of space, and it gets hard to clean the house because of it. Plus, the room looks very crowded. Sadly, most of these machines have fixed bodies, and adjusting them is impossible.

That’s why this folding treadmill by SereneLife is so convenient. It is easily foldable and not too difficult to move around. Firstly, let’s talk about foldability. You will have to screw or turn around anything. All you have to do is pick up the bottom, and that is it. The whole process is pretty simple.

There will be a quick installation guide to help you through everything when it comes to installation. You will not require any unusual tools to set it up either. Now, let’s talk about other features. You can connect a sports app with this machine, which will help your exercise more entertaining, and you can focus.

The large running surface is great for people who need more space. There is also a big LCD screen that you can touch to control everything. That is great because when it comes to functionality, you will get 16 different presets. The touchpad makes it easier to switch between them.

This best folding treadmill can deliver up to 7.5 miles per hour of speed, which is more than good enough for the average person. There are also 3 incline options. This one is a highly customizable product that helps you get the best out of your daily routine. 

Overall, it is pretty great. So, what is the downside of it? Well, it can hold up to 265 pounds of weight. So, it may not be good for people of all shapes and sizes. Other than that, it is a pretty solid option.


  • 16 presets available
  • Highly powerful motor
  • 3 incline options
  • Easily foldable
  • Easy to install


  • Materials do not feel good
  • Not suitable for everyone

6. Exerpeutic TF900 Electric Treadmill for senior citizens

Electric Treadmill for senior citizens walkin

One thing everyone agrees is that a high-quality treadmill does not come cheap. If you want all the premium features, you’ll have to pay for them too. But, we understand that not everyone has that much cash lying around. Sadly, getting the perfect bang for the buck option is never easy.

Then again, it is not impossible either. We had to do some more severe digging and found this another option by Exerputic. Overall, it is the greatest value option out in the current market. Well, why is that? Let’s jump headfirst into the features, then.

When it comes to the build quality, you are getting a solid metal body that can hold a whopping 350 pounds. So, it is a great option for almost everyone out there. The deck is not too high, and you can easily climb it without any issues. We know that manufacturers love to cut corners with cheap products.

However, they clearly did not skimp out on the build quality. You will get long padded handlebars for safety too. Since we are already talking about safety, there is a big start/stop button. It is fairly compact too. So, if you want a large walking area, this will not be a suitable option.

Although, it is good for saving valuable space in your room. It can also go up to 4 miles per hour. However, it may not seem like much, but this is more than enough for an older citizen. There is also a good quality LCD screen that will show you all the necessary information. 

It’s sad that you can’t plug your music, but it is hard to complain about the price. When it comes to giving you a nice walking experience, this one will not disappoint you in any way.


  • Perfect for all
  • Long handles
  • Big start/stop button
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Highly Affordable


  • Difficult to install
  • Questionable longevity

7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill for walking

SF-T7515 Smart Walking Treadmill

Do you think that your treadmill makes too much noise while walking? Or if it is too stiff? Well, that usually happens when it does not have good shock absorbers. It may not look like it, but a good shock absorber can go a long way when it comes to products like these.

You can notice a huge improvement in your daily exercise too. For that convenience, you can check out this other option by Sunny Health. We already talked about how they make such premium products; well, this one is no different either. The shock absorbers will make sure that your walking feels much more comfortable than usual.

This is a great feature for senior people because they often have problems with their knees. That way, they will not be putting too much pressure there. Another cool thing about this product is that it is highly portable.

Not only is it easily foldable, but it also has a lightweight body. So, if you plan to move it around, it won’t be a two people job. Now, let’s talk about some other conveniences. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack for your music. You can also connect your phone with Bluetooth.

There are also handrail pulse sensors, which greatly help with precisely keeping track of your heartbeat, calories, and distance. The digital LCD screen will show you all of that information, and you can choose between 12 different incline options. 

Overall, it is a highly customizable product that you can use freely. The price range is pretty decent too. If you are concerned about knees, then there will not be a better option than this because of the premium shock absorbers.


  • Quickly folds up
  • Lightweight
  • 12 incline options
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Handrail pulse sensors for accurate information


  • Small form factor
  • Supports only up to 240 lbs

8. XTERRA Fitness TRX4500 Best walking treadmill for elderly

TRX4500 Treadmill

A family treadmill needs to be able to handle all types of people, from grandparents to highly energetic youth. Often, treadmills suitable for older people do not cater properly to young ones because of low speed. The same goes vice versa too. That’s why you need something that can do both.

For that, you should consider this option by XTERRA. Not only does it have a slow setting for older people, but the motor is extremely powerful for rough exercise too. You will get a motor that can push up to 3.25 horsepower, which is a lot of a machine like this. On top of that, you get plenty of other handy features.

There is a huge 7.5-inch screen that shows you all the necessary information. When it comes to the size, there’ll be a lot of room to perform. It comes with high-quality shock absorbers, which will help you run smoothly. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity.

So, if you want to jazz to some Frank Sinatra, you can easily do that too. Now, when it comes to the full build quality, it has a premium metal body all over. Yes, it does increase the weight, but it feels pretty sturdy and luxurious too. There’s another surprising feature, and that is the presets. You’ll get a whopping 30 presets available.

That way, you can get the perfect settings for everyone. The remote control is around the handlebars, which is great because you won’t have to reach too far for it. It also comes with a wireless chest-strap heart rate transmitter, which accurately shows you all the information and safety measures. 

There is also a lift assist feature that helps you with folding up the machine. The speed range is from 0 – 12mph, and it can hold up to 350 lbs of user weight. Overall, it’s a fantastic family product that also has tons of safety features.


  • Various safety features
  • Easy to fold up
  • Extremely powerful high-torque motor
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Straightforward to use.


  • Costs a pretty penny
  • Doesn’t have long handlebars

How to Buy the Best Walking Treadmill for Seniors in 2021

Now that you know which products to buy, it is time to get to know about them a bit better. When you are looking for the all around perfect treadmill for walking seniors, then you must need to consider some essential factor. That will help you choose the perfect one for yourself. Plus, you will not be wasting any precious time and money.

Various Programs

Having a trainer beside your all the time is not always possible, especially when you are using it at your home. However, you can get almost the same experience by watching different workout programs on your treadmill.

Some of these machines will come with a large screen that can connect to the internet and show you various workout videos. Most of the time, you will need to buy a subscription, but it is worth it.

Since you will get access to thousands of videos from highly professional trainers worldwide, it’s very helpful when it comes to improving your lifestyle. Keep in mind that these advanced machines are usually on the more expensive side.

However, if you care more about your health and want to do everything properly, it will be pretty wise to choose one. Walking on the treadmill has lots of health benefits.

Safety Features

You can not take any risks when it comes to working out. It does not matter whether you are old or young. Machines like these usually have some safety features to keep everything in check.

If you have a fragile body, try to go for a product that will put straps on your chest to properly measure your heart rate. That way, you will always get updates about how much you should push yourself.

Some of these machines even have automatic safety measurements. If it notices that you are in danger, it will automatically stop. In case you don’t have the budget for a high-end option like that, at least go for something with a large emergency stop button.

You can also get magnetic wrist straps to keep yourself in place, no matter how fast you are walking.

Weight Management

It’s always a bummer that most of these machines do not support too much weight. So, what if you are overweight and want to lose the extra pounds? In that scenario, try to go for a product with a limit of at least 400 lbs of user weight.

These options are usually very powerful, and you will get a large area for walking too. However, for average use, 250 lbs of load capacity should be more than enough.


This one is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to machines like these. Most of them do not have a proper installation guide. If your first impression of a product is bad, then the impression will last you a long time.

That is why it will be wise to go for something easy to set up and easily move around.

Other Features

There are tons of other features you can look for here. Firstly, suppose you are a big fan of listening to music while running. In that case, you can go for something with an auxiliary port or something with Bluetooth connectivity.

That way, you can easily set up your jam and switch up the mood. There are also small things like cup holders. Even though these extra features will come at a cost, they are pretty much worth it.

People’s Asked before Buy a treadmill for senior walking

  • How long should I use a treadmill?

It usually depends on your exercise routine, but running over 20 minutes is never too good for your health. Also, 10 minutes is the perfect middle point for everyone.

  • How many steps should my old parents walk?

If your parents are over the age of 65, they should walk 3000 steps daily. It is good enough to keep your blood flowing smoothly and keeps your heart in shape. Plus, it will not be very demanding. On the other hand, anyone under 65 should walk at least 7000 steps daily.

  • Is incline necessary?

Well, you can walk without it, but it is good if you want to reach your goal faster. Since it puts more pressure on your legs, you can get the same results much quicker by turning on the incline settings.

  • Does walking really improve sleep?

Yes, it makes you tired, and you will finally realize your sleeping schedule. Plus, when you burn your daily energy, you will have a better time sleeping and won’t have to wake up feeling dead inside.

Final Words

Finding the perfect equipment for senior citizens is never too easy because they are so fragile and sensitive. However, you can still check out our in-depth review of the best walking treadmills for seniors to better know which ones to buy. All of these products will make sure that you stay fit without causing any distress to your body.

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