The Best Way to Burn Fat on a Treadmill – Long Term Workout Plan

Do you lose confidence in the treadmill? Practicing regularly but not getting the expected result. 

If you want to know the best effective way to burn fat on a treadmill. Then you have come to the right place. 

Here, in this article, I’ll deliver the best efficient, short-time, scientific, and easy methods to burn your fat super fast. So, don’t waste valuable time. Jump to this article right now.

The Treadmill is widely known as the best fitness maker machine worldwide. There is no doubt about the efficiency of the treadmill. But many people complain that it doesn’t work properly.

But that’s not true. The problem is, they can’t know the process of how to use it efficiently? 

So, properly utilize your treadmill and boost your fat-burning process. For the best uses of the treadmill, you can use some proven techniques. Here are three surefire techniques to burn fat- 

Most Effective Way to Burn Fat on a Treadmill

1. High-Intensity interval training (HIIT)  

High-Intensive interval training is a scientific way to burn your fat easily. This method delivers a better result within a short timeframe. HIIT is the most popular treadmill workout method to burn fat and overweight problems.  

Why HIIT better than any regular workout?

A common factor of our human body is, it can easily adjust to any regular situation. For this reason, our body adjusts with our daily exercise routine and we can’t get any changes. 

But HIIT maintains an up-down exercise schedule. So that, our body can’t adjust with daily routine and we can get better fat burn result.

In this HIIT method, you’ve to exercise with a high incline rate and follow a walk-jog-run-relax circle. That’s why HIIT is the best workout method for everyone. 

2. High Incline Rate Exercise

Low or without incline exercises always give a poor result. It is one of the powerful reasons behind our treadmill workout failure. So, check your incline rate and ask yourself it is enough or not? 

Any kind of fat-burning workout results depends on your incline rate. A high incline rate always helps you to burn more fat. So, always try to maintain a high incline rate when exercise. That will help to achieve your goal within a short timeframe. 

3. Routine Exercise

We have a common problem that we don’t follow any routine. That’s put a big effect on our fat-burning process. 

Exercise without any schedule never gives you a good result. Also, this irregularity harmful to your body. It’s a primary reason for your unsuccess. Millions of people get poor results because of unawareness of routine exercise. 

So, you must maintain a routine of exercise. If you haven’t any, then make it fast. To get the best workout result there is no alternative without a routine workout.

Following these techniques, we made three different workout plans for super-fast fat burn. It’s the tested method. So, don’t hesitate to follow these plans.

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Fat Burning Treadmill Workout Plan for Beginners

As a beginner, many of us afraid to start a new treadmill workout exercise. Believe me, it isn’t hard enough. Here is a daily workout routine below. Follow this regularly-

Warm-up: Before starting any Workout session warm up your body with some lite exercise. That’ll prepare your body for exercises.   

Walk: Set your treadmill speed at 1 MPH and start walking. Continue this for 2 minutes. 

Jog: Now directly jump to 3 MPH and keep up this speed for at least 4 minutes.

Run: Slowly Increase your treadmill speed at 3 to 5 MPH and continuously running for 5 minutes. 

Special Fat Burning Workout plan for Intermediate

When you want to burn more fat within a few months, then it’s the best workout plan for you. Follow these steps below-

Warm-up: Warm-up yourself with some lite workout. So that, your body is prepared for exercise.

Walk: Now set 2 MPH speed and jump on the treadmill. Do this for at least 3 minutes.

Run: Bounce your speed at 5 MPH and boost your speed. Now run for at least 5 minutes.

Relax: Take a 2 minutes break.

Jog: Now directly go to 3 MPH and start jogging. Continue this 4 minutes.

Sprint: Increase your speed at 3 to 7 MPH and start running with your full efforts. In this step, you also have to increase the incline rate. 

This up-down workout routine helps to burn your extra fat easily. For better results, maintain this exercise regularly for at least 3 to 4 months.

Best Way to Burn Fat on a Treadmill – Weekly Plan

Best Way to Burn Fat on a Treadmill

This long-term fat-burning workout plan helps to burn extra fat from all of your body. Follow this 7-days weekly schedule below-   


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 1% grade 

Jogging – Jog 4 minutes with a 2% grade 

Run – Run 5 minutes with a 3% grade 

Exercise time – 12 minutes 


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 1% grade 

Jogging – Jog 4 minutes with a 2% grade 

Sprint – Sprint 6 minutes with a 5% grade 

Workout time – 13 minutes 


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 1% grade 

Jogging – Jog 5 minutes with a 2% grade 

Run – Run 7 minutes with a 4% grade 

Practice time – 15 minutes 


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 1% grade 

Jogging – Jog 5 minutes with a 2% grade 

Sprint – Sprint 5 minutes with a 7% grade 

Workout time – 13 minutes 


Walk – Walk 4 minutes with a 1% grade 

Run – Run 7 minutes with a 3% grade 

Sprint – Sprint 7 minutes with a 5% grade 

Practise time – 18 minutes 


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 1% grade 

Jogging – Jog 5 minutes with a 2% grade 

Run – Run 7 minutes with a 4% grade 

Workout time – 15 minutes 


Walk – Walk 3 minutes with a 2% grade 

Run – Run 5 minutes with a 4% grade

Sprint – Sprint 7 minutes with a 6% grade 

Exercise time – 15 minutes

This weekly workout planning is scientifically proven. Believe us and continuously follow this routine for at least six months. Finally, you will get a better result.

No one can deny that a treadmill workout is the best one. Especially, when someone wants to burn fat and keep himself fit. So, practice the right way and put your trust in yourself. You must succeed.

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