Can You Put Converse In The Dryer- Dry Converse Quickly

Converse are the most fashionable shoes in the world. We have been using footwear since our childhood but many of us don’t know the right way to dry up shoes. Sometimes, we put our converse in the dryers.

However, can you put converse in the dryer?

You should not put your converse in the dryer. I have mentioned the reasons below the article. Next, I have mentioned how do I dry my converse in the article.

Look: You will find three methods of drying up your shoes. Choose any methods and protect your shoes from damage.

If you are in a hurry, you can use method 3 because of the fast result. Read the instructions attentively so that you can make the stuff properly.

Let’s start.

Can You Put Converse In The Dryer?

Put Converse In The Dryer

In short, you cannot put converse in the dryer. If you have tried before, you may have seen the result. The excessive heat in the dryer may shrink the rubber sole of the converse.

You may think about the fastest way to dry up your converse. A dryer can be the fastest way but it cannot be the best and protective way. Don’t ruin your money and time by putting your converse in the dryer.

Go through the article eventually. It will take you to the easiest methods of drying up shoes. You can choose method 3 if you are in a hurry. Follow the instructions carefully.

How To Dry Converse Quickly?

You know converse shoes take a lot of time to dry up. If you are in a hurry or have a program with the converse, you may panic. In this case, you may choose your dryer for the converse. Don’t even think about it.

I have mentioned the three best ways to dry up your converse. In the case of a hurry, you can select the method with a box fan. Although it consumes your electricity, it dries up the converse quickly.

Moreover, you can choose open-air with the bright sun. The winds and sunlight may dry up your converse quickly.

How Long Does It Take For Converse To Dry?

In short, the converse may take 24 hours to 30 hours to dry up completely in normal weather. It may take longer in the dump weather.

On the other hand, the timing may depend on the methods of drying up the converse that you are choosing from below. Drying up the converse shoes with newspaper may take longer than drying up in the open air.

Moreover, using a box fan may be the fastest way to dry up any kind of shoes including converse. If you are searching for the fastest way to dry up your shoes, you can choose method 3 undoubtedly.

Can You Put All-Star Converse In The Dryer?

The all-star converse is the most common converse in the world. These converse come in different colors and styles. That’s why it suits the kids, younger, and older at the same time.

You may think about the drying process after washing out the converse. We make a common mistake that we put the wet converse in a place to dry up. This is not the right way.

Next, you should not put All-Star converse in the dryer. The excessive heat of the dryer may burn your converse or shrink the rubber. It will change the shape of your covers and ruin the day.

Read the three best ways of how to dry converse easily below. These methods will be perfect for any kind of shoes.

Three Ways To Dry Your Converse

Ways To Dry Your Converse

You can apply any of the following ways to dry your converse. These ways will not harm the materials of the converse shoes. Read the steps and select one regarding your state of mind.

Method 1: Dry Convers Using Newspaper

Step 1 Prepare The Shoes:

As you are here, you might have washed your shoes a few minutes ago. Now it’s time to dry up your shoes. Put off the shoelaces. Rinse out the water from the shoes properly.

Step 2 Prepare The Newspapers:

Arrange some newspapers. Don’t tear the newspapers. Avoid using colorful newspapers. The bright colors may damage the color of the shoes.

Instead of using newspapers, you can use white paper too. In this case, make sure the papers are thin so that they can absorb water from the shoes. White papers are suitable for white converse.

Step 3 Apply The Newspaper On The Shoes:

Take some big paper and twist them in your hand. You have to put the twisted newspaper inside the shoes. Make sure the papers tighten the insides of the shoes. They will soak water.

Next, take three papers for shoes on a table. Wrap the shoes with the paper very well. You will see the papers being wet.

Step 4 Place The Wrapped Shoes In A Place:

Find a place that has some heat air. You can place them beside your stove or under the sunshine. If there is no way to get heat, place them in a dry area. It will take time.

Step 5 Replace The Newspapers:

Check the papers too often. When you see the papers are wet completely, replace them with newspapers. Continue this process until the converse dries up completely. Place the shoelaces beside a stove.

Method 2: Dry Converse In Open Air

Step 1 Take Off The Shoe Lace:

You should take out the shoelaces before washing them. If you don’t put off the shoelaces yet, do it now. Place the shoelaces directly in the open air. Tie them with the clothesline.

Step 2 Prepare The Shoes With Newspaper:

In this method, you have to rely on the sunshine and wind in your residential area. To protect color from the light of the sun, use paper to wrap the shoes. The papers will soak the water and pass heat to the shoes.

Put some paper into the shoes. It will help to dry the inner sole of the shoes.

Step 3 Find A Place To Hang The Shoes:

Dry Converse In Open Air

When you are choosing a place to hang the shoes, you must choose a dust-free place. Otherwise, the newly washed shoes will get dirty again.  

Step 4 Hang The Shoes In The Clothesline:

If you don’t have a clothesline, you can make one. Get a long rope and tie it to an open place. Tying a rope is not rocket science.

Hang your shoes on the rope using clips. Remember, you have to flip the shoes after a while.  

Step 5 Check out and change the newspapers:

Check out the paper inside and outside the shoes. If the paper is wet completely, replace it. Flip the shoes on both sides to dry up properly. Keep drying the shoes in the air until they dry up properly.

Method 3: Dry Converse Using Box Fan

Step 1 Prepare A Fan:

In this method, you will need a table fat or a stand fan. If the fan has a box, you will have advantages. If the fan does not have a box, don’t worry and follow the instructions. Get some thick paper boards and wares.

Adjust the thick paper boards around the fan with the wares. Make sure the boards make a fine box so that the air can hit the shoes only.

Step 2 Prepare Your Shoes:

Use papers in this method too. Get some papers inside the shoes to soak the water. With the wind of the fan, the water of the shoes will go deep. The papers inside will soak the passing water.

Step 3 Hang your shoes on the box fan:

Hang the shoes in front of the box fan. Use clips to hang the shoes. You can use wares to make clips. Don’t hurt the shoes.

Step 4 Turn on the fan and wait:

Turn on the fan. Power up the fan slowly. Make sure the shoes don’t fall down. This is the fastest way to dry up shoes properly.  

Step 5 Flip the shoes on both sides:

Flip the shoes after a while. I hope it will dry up your shoes within a few hours. This method is applicable for any area and weather. Dry up the soles and fabric easily.  

Don’t wear wet shoes and wet socks. It will harm your feet and the shoes as well.

Tips on maintaining your converse shoes

Clean up your converse:

If you are walking in the dump weather and muddy roads, you must clean up the converse regularly. You can use general detergent powders or soaps to wash the shoes.  

Dry up properly:

After washing out the converse, you must dry up the shoes properly. See the three methods of drying up converse above the article.  

Wear socks:

To make converse shoes more comfortable, you can use socks. Socks are helpful for your feet and the shoes as well. Socks help to absorb the heat and fraction between the insole and feet.

Place them in the open air:

When the shoes are in the rest, place them in the air. They need to breathe. It helps to dry up the converse naturally. As a result, they don’t produce odor.

Don’t wear wet socks or converse:

You must not wear wet socks and shoes. Wet soles will ruin shoes and damage your feet. Dry up the shoes properly and put them on. Remember, footwear must be put on in dry.

Repair if needed:

If you are targeting to use the converse for a long time, you have to repair the shoes in need. Although footwear from the best brands may not need repairing.

Bottom Line

Drying up converse is not rocket science. You can use three ways to dry up your converse. However, I have mentioned proper answers to the question: can you put converse in the dryer. Don’t put your converse in any place that produces heat.

Maintain your converse to ensure the longevity of the shoes. Ensure you are buying the converse from reputed brands and take care of them.

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