Can You Run In Converse: Are Converse Shoes Good For Running?

Converse are very attractive as common footwear. You must have a pair of converse to express your outlook. These shoes are good for general uses too. However, can you run in converse?

Before digging deep, you should know what running shoes require. A pair of running shoes must have heel support, arch support, and a well-cushioned upper. Next, it must have a soft sole that is easy to bend.

You may find some converse with these features but most of them are not suitable for running. Unfortunately, you should pick a pair of running shoes for regular workouts.

I have tried to mention related questions and answers related to converse shoes. I hope you will get a clear view of converse as running shoes.

Can You Run In Converse?

You can run in converse, barefoot, and wear other shoes technically. If you are talking about a sudden run or having fun with friends for a little bit, the converse is okay to run.

In deep thought, you should not run in converse if you are thinking about running regularly. Running requires something more than converse shoes for your health safety.

Let’s discuss.

Converse shoes have flat soles. Flat soles do not support arches and heels. When running, your shoes must support your arch and heels. Otherwise, it may cause severe pain.

On the other hand, the converse sneakers are not well-cushioned to support your feet. You cannot move your feet easily wearing a pair of converse due to the rubber sole.

Read the drawbacks of running with converse below the article.

Are Converse Shoes Comfortable?

Personally, I like converse shoes to hang out with friends, attend a party, and present my classes. Converse shoes are comfortable for me in several ways. You can make it comfortable too.

Use socks before wearing converse. It helps to have some cushioned feeling as the converse is not well-cushioned.

Converse are fashionable. You can wear a pair of converse with any type of outfit. To make the outlook more attractive, you should customize the outfits.

I prefer to converse only for hanging out and attending parties as I said before. On the other hand, I prefer to avoid converse shoes while running or walking during my jogging time.

You have to find out the comfort zone of the converse regarding your needs.

Are Converse Shoes Good For Running?

Converse Shoes Good For Running

In short, you should have running shoes for running regularly. Converse are not made for running. Converse is a great choice for enhancing your outfit with a great look.

Running shoes require arch support and soft soles so that you can move your step smoothly without much pressure. In this case, converse shoes are not good for running.

Choose running shoes checking out some factors like arch support, heel support, lightweight, well-cushioned, and soft sole. The shoes with these features are good for running.

Are Converse shoes Good For Walking?

Walking and running require the same shoes. If you have a pair of converse, you can walk. However, if you are asking for regular walking for exercise, you should use professional shoes.

Converse shoes can be a great option for attending parties, programs, and hanging out with friends. They are not comfortable with exercises like walking and running.

When you are walking on the street, you need arch and heel support. Converse have flat soles. They do not support your heel and arch. They are good for gripping the floor.

You can use converse for usual walking not for exercise.

Are Converse Good For Working Out?

The answer depends on what type of work you do. If your work is a desk job, you can do your work wearing any type of shoes. Then, if you don’t walk too much while working out, you can converse.

Converse are great for weight lifting. You can buy a pair of good converse for lifting weight. Converse shoes have flat soles that grip the floor strongly. Flat soles are ideal for weight lifting.

The converse is also great for changing the outlook. If you work in a shopping mall and need an attractive look, converse shoes should be the first option. Customize your outfit and change the total look.

Know your job and relate to the features of converse. If your job is perfect with converse, put on the converse and go to work.

Can You Run On The Treadmill In Converse?

As you cannot run in converse in the open field, you cannot run on the treadmill. The shoes will affect your feet and body in the same ways.

I have explained the requirement of running footwear. Your footwear must have arch support, heel support, well-cushioned, and soft sole for running anywhere.

You can use converse for usual uses like going to the office, attending parties, and hanging out on vacations.

Find a pair of soft shoes for running on the treadmill. It will motivate you to run on the treadmill for longer.

Can You Do Cardio In Converse?

You can do cardio in converse that is dependent on devices like stationary bikes, rowing machines, and other digital equipment. But should not take part in cardio with converse that involves running motions.

You know converse is not good for running and walking as well. If you have a stationary bike and don’t have professional shoes, you can use converse shoes in this case.

Choose the running sneakers for motion cardio. Flat soles are not a great option for doing cardio without equipment.

The Drawback Of Using Converse As Running Shoes?

Converse lack of heel support:

As converse has flat soles, you won’t have heel support. Running shoes must support the heel to increase the pace of your running.

Professional shoes have a band on the back of shoes. As a result, it supports the heel and keeps it upright. When running wearing sports shoes, helps to move heels faster.

Unfortunately, the converse doesn’t have heel support. They have flat heels from top to bottom.

Converse comes with flat soles:

The shoes with flat soles are suitable for lifting exercises. When you are thinking about running, you need arch support.

Running shoes have an upright area in the arch section. It supports the arch and provides you with a fit feeling. When running wearing shoes, you need this support to avoid misalignment.

On the contrary, flat soles are not ideal for running. You should think about shoes with arch support for running.

Converse are heavy and tough:

Converse are heavy and tough due to their rubber soles. Running requires lightweight and soft shoes. When you are running you may need to move in several directions.

Wearing a pair of converse may block the way of running easily. You may not move your directions easily and run as fast as possible. The rubber soles grip the floor tight and force you to lessen the speed.

On the other hand, converse takes a lot of time to set on your foot. The timing may demotivate me to run regularly. You should choose soft and lightweight shoes for running.

Converse doesn’t have breathable uppers:

Are Converse Shoes Comfortable

You may run in converse thinking they are durable. Your running in converse may not affect the shoes but affect your body.

Converse has flexible uppers but is not breathable. Sweating in shoes is a common problem for all. In the case of using converse, the number is more.

The hard material of the converse traps the heat inside the shoes. As a result, your feet sweat more than using normal shoes. Just think after a long time of running wearing converse how much heat it will produce?

Converse shoes lack arch support:

Arch support is a must-have feature for running shoes. If you are an athlete or run for exercise, you must choose a pair of shoes with arch support.

The outfit soles of converse are flat. If you continue to run with the flat soles, it may cause misalignments to the entire body. Later on, you may feel hip, knee, pelvis, back, and posture issues.

A cup-shaped hill in the shoes can save you from the problems listed above. Converse does not come with arch supports. You can avoid these issues simply by using shoes with arch supports.


The converse is a great choice for common uses. After reading the article, you must have a mass idea about the question can you run in converse. Go through the drawbacks if you are not clear yet.

I have also mentioned that converse is great for outfits. You can use the footwear for decorating your outfits for attending parties or hanging out with friends.

Choose the perfect pair of shoes for running and walking. Selecting the perfect pair of shoes for exercise is essential.