Can You Wash Timberland Boots In The Washing Machine

Timberland boots are very popular for their attractive design and efficiency. You can use the boots either at a party or at work. These shoes last for longer due to the built quality. However, can you wash Timberland boots in the washing machine?

You can follow any method for washing your shoes. In this case, you have to think about the durability of the shoes too. Timberlands shoes are made of leather. You should wash the shoes with water.

I have mentioned the perfect ways of how to clean up Timberlands shoes below. Follow the instructions and ensure the safety of your favorite boots.

Before going into deep cleaning, you should arrange the things below. Buy the sealant, washing liquid, and conditioner from a good brand.

Can You Wash Timberland Boots In The Washing Machine?

In short, you should not wash Timberland boots in the washing machine. You know Timberland boots are made of leather. Anything made of leather should be touched with water.

To clean up your Timberlands boots, you can follow the instructions below undoubtedly. I have mentioned the proper way to clean leather shoes.

You may wonder what will happen if you use water. In this case, water may damage the quality of the color, leather, and gums used in the shoes.

You can use a dry brush with sealant to clean up the boots. It will be a short-cut solution for cleaning your favorite shoes.

How To Clean Timberlands Boots: Step By Step Deep Cleaning

Follow the instructions below step by step to clean up your Timberlands properly. Don’t skip any step to ensure the safety of your favorite boots.

Part 1: Preparing for the cleaning session

Step 1: Arrange the things: As Timberlands boots are made of leather, you have to be careful about using water and cleaning staff. Here, you have to use a specific cleaner.

Get the stuff like Nubuck cleaner, brush, soft cloth, sandpaper, soap or detergent, eraser, and water.

Step 2: Choosing the cleaning method: The durability of your boots will depend on the method that you use for cleaning boots. I have mentioned the easiest way that you can follow to clean up the shoes.

Step 3: Select a place: You can clean up your shoes in the washroom or outdoor. I like to clean up shoes outside the home. Here, you can see the debris clearly.

Part 2: Cleaning normal spots

Step 1: Use a soft brush to clean small spots: First, you should start with the smaller spots. Take the brush and scrub on the small spots. It should clean up debris easily.

Step 2: Use an eraser to remove marks: We make a common mistake in this case. You can clean up small marks using an eraser. Take the eraser and scrub on the marks. It will vanish the marks.

Step 3: Brush the entire boot: Take a big brush to freshen up the outer debris. It will clean up the dry debris from the surface of the boots. Don’t use any cleaning at this time. You may use a little sealant to make the boots new.

Step 4: Make it regular: If you follow these instructions regularly, you don’t need to go for deep cleaning. I prefer to use a brush on my boots regularly so that they cannot get discolored.

Part 3: Deep cleaning

Step 1: Choose a cleaner: In the case of deep cleaning, you have to prepare the cleaning ingredients. In this case, you can use soap water, detergent, and specialized cleaners. As Timberlands boots are made of leather, you should not use water.

Get leather cleaner or Nubuck cleaner from the market. Arrange the things above and go for the next step.

Step 2: Remove the shoelaces: Place the shoes in a flat place. Remove the shoelaces one by one. Don’t hurry. You have to remove the shoelaces to freshen up easily. Wash out the laces with detergent.

Step 3: Start with the loose dirt and debris: A soft-bristle brush works best for loose dirt and debris. Here, you have to start cleaning from the top of the boots. Scrub the bush from the top to the bottom.

Don’t forget to freshen up the bottom of the shoes. Pay more attention to the heel area. We pressurize in this area mostly. That’s why it is more prone to get dirty.

Next, use a soft cloth to clean up the surface of the boots completely. Don’t take water right now.

Step 4: Hold the boot with one hand: Now, it’s time to clean up the sole of the boots. Here, you have to insert one hand inside the boot so that you can move the boots in any direction. Make sure your hand is dry before inserting it into the boots.

Step 5: Scrub the shoe with a brush: Mix up detergent or soap with water. You can use water in the soles of the boots. Rinse the brush with soap water. Scrub the sole top to bottom. Round the burhs on the sole. Do it attentively so that you can clean up the attached debris.

Step 6: Scrub the outside of the boot: Get some Nubuck cleaner on another brush. Use the brush on the surface of the boots. Do it slowly so that you cannot harm the color. Scrub the brush with the cleaner one by one.

Step 7: Get sandpaper to buff out: At this stage, you should not see any debris but you can see stains. If you can see stains on the boots, you have to use sandpaper. Buff the sandpaper in one direction on the stains.

Check out the stains after every scrubbing. You must not buff on the cleaned spot.

Step 8: Rinse the boots with water: Although you should not use water on anything that is made of leather, you can use a little bit of water to rinse the boots. Don’t pour too much water on the boots.

Step 9: Clean up once again if necessary: Check out the debris of the shoes. I hope you don’t need to clean them up again. Otherwise, you have to follow the same technique to clean up the boots.

Part 4: Drying up

Step 1: Rinse water with soft cloths: After the cleaning session, you have to wipe out the water with a soft cloth. Don’t put much pressure while you are wiping water.

Step 2: Air dry: Place the boots in the open air. We use a dryer to dry up shoes first. It damages the quality of the shoes. Thus, you should place them in the open air. Let them dry up for 24 hours.

Step 3: Buff your boot: When the boots are completely dried up, you should buff out them a little bit. It helps to adjust the color.

Step 4: Use conditioner or sealant: To maintain the boots like a new pair, you have to use conditioner or sealant. You will find many sealants and conditioners in the local market. Use anyone that is perfect for leather.

Tips for Timberlands care

Keep apart from water: To ensure longer durability, you should avoid using water while cleaning the shoes. If the shoes touch water on the road, it does not matter anything. Water should not enter inside the shoes.

Use sealant and conditioner: You will get sealant and conditioner for leather in the local or online market. Get a couple of sealants and conditioners from the market. Use them regularly on your Timberlands boots. It helps the leather to be conditioned and last for longer.

Air dry: You must ensure that the shoes are dry. If you use wet shoes, they may stretch out a little bit. As a result, you will lose the comfort of the shoes. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry up the shoes fast. It may damage the quality.

Soft cloth and brush: At the time of cleaning the shoes, you should use a soft brush and cloth. Buff out the shoes with sealant. It will help to look the shoes new.

Regular clean-up: After having a rough use, you should clean up the boots. Don’t use water. Follow the instructions above to clean up your Timberlands boots.

Bottom Line

Timberlands shoes are expensive for great quality and durability. You should be careful when you need to clean up the shoes. Washing machines save time and clean up clothes efficiently. However, a washing machine is not perfect for cleaning shoes. You should not wash Timberland boots in the washing machine.  

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