Do Crocs Stretch? & How to Shrink Crocs? – Complete Guide

If you have a new pair of crocs, you may ask “do crocs stretch” frequently. Crocs may feel a little bit tight when they are new. After wearing the crocs for a week, they should be fit to your feet.

After wearing the crocs for a week, if you feel them tight, you should go for an operation. I have mentioned three methods on how to stretch crocs in the middle of the article. Choose the best method and apply.

If you have stretched the crocs too much, follow the instructions of the last paragraph naming how to shrink crocs.

Customize the size of the crocs and enjoy your walking.

Let’s start.

Do crocs stretch?

Crocs stretch up eventually. You may get the new pair of crocs tight at the first impression. Don’t worry. Crocs stretch a little bit after wearing them for a few weeks.

Before buying a pair of crocs, you must determine the ideal size for your footwear. Crocs may get tight or lose if you don’t know the right size of your feet.

Don’t worry. You can loosen up and shrink the crocs to the original size just following some easy steps. I have mentioned three easy steps to stretch your crocs at home. You don’t need to go anywhere or buy anything else.

Follow the methods eventually. You can try the three methods or choose one regarding your choice. I hope you will get the desired size of the crocs by following the methods below.

Method 1: Stretch crocs by wearing thick socks:

Stretch crocs by wearing thick socks
Stretch crocs by wearing thick socks

Step 1 Buy A Pair Of Thick Socks: Here, you need to buy a pair of thick socks. Remember you have to continue wearing these soaks for several days. Try to buy the soaks from a reputable brand.

If your feet sweat too much, buy two to three sets of soaks. Don’t repeat the same soaks every day. It may damage your feet.

Step 2 Leave Them In Open Air: Wash the soaks with warm water and detergent and leave them in the open air. You should make sure the soaks are clean enough to wear on your feet.

Step 3 Wear The Soaks: Wear the soaks and crocs. Try to walk for a while. The thick socks may not provide you the pleasure of walking. Try to keep the soaks for an hour to two hours.

The thickness of the socks will force the crocs to stretch. It will stretch slowly. This is a perfect technique to stretch all kinds of shoes.

Step 4 Continue Wearing The Crocs With The Socks For Several Days: Continue following these techniques for two to three weeks. You should check out the crocs every day.

Don’t overuse the socks. It may stretch the crocs too much.

Method 2: Stretch crocs with a hairdryer:

Stretch crocs with a hairdryer
Stretch crocs with a hairdryer

Step 1 Get A Hairdryer: You might have a good hairdryer at your home. You can use it to stretch your crocs. If you don’t have a hairdryer, hire one from your neighbor. You just need it for an hour only.

Step 2 Wrap A Towel On The Hairdryer: Wrap a towel on the mouth of the hairdryer. It will warm the towel and distribute the heat around the crocs. Start heating up the hairdryer for three minutes.

Step 3 Put The Towel Into The Crocs And Continue Heating: Put the towel into the crocs and heat up the hairdryer. Maintain a reasonable level of heat. Otherwise, it may burn the towel.

The towel will heat up and distribute the heat around the crocs perfectly. You can touch the surface of the crocs and feel the heat. Don’t heat up the towel for more than three minutes.

Step 4 Wear Thick Socks And Crocs: Wear thick socks and put in the crocs. Walk around 5 to 10 minutes. In this time, your crocs should stretch.

Put off the socks and put in the crocs on naked feet. Feel the size. If it seems tight again, follow the next step.

Step 5 Continue The Process Till The Size Is Okay: If the crocs seem tight, continue the process three times. It should come in your fitting size between these times.

Method 3 How to unshrink crocs with hot water:

Step 1 Get A Bowl And Water: The bowl should be enough for drowning the crocs. Fill up the bowl with water.  

Step 2 Boil The Water At A Good Temperature: Heat the bowl on a burner or stove. Make sure the water is not too warm. Excessive heat in the water may burn your crocs. Heat the water for 10 minutes.

Step 3 Put Your Crocs On The Bowl: Put your crocs in the bowl. Keep it for 2 to 3 minutes. If the water is not too heated, you can keep them for 5 minutes max.

Step 4 Heat The Outer Surface With A Hairdryer: Take out the crocs from the bowl and heat the surface with the hairdryer. Keep the heat at a medium level.

Step 5 Put In And Walk For Five Minutes: Wear your thick socks and put in the crocs. Walk around for 5 minutes. Your crocs should be fit regarding your foot size.

Do crocs stretch out after wearing?

Crocs may stretch out a little bit after wearing them for a few weeks. You should appreciate that you have experienced such things in all of your shoes. It may be different from shoes made of leather.

Crocs are very common for casual uses at home or relaxing walking outside. You have to know the exact size of your crocs when buying a pair for you. If you can choose the perfect size of crocs for your feet, it may not stretch out while using.

When you choose a little bit tight crocs, it may stretch a little bit for different conditions. Crocs may stretch in hot weather and hot water. It may change the shape of the hot air too.

Don’t worry. I have mentioned how to shrink and unshrink crocs in the article. Read the article thoroughly and make your crocs comfortable.

Is it possible to shrink crocs?

Shrinking crocs is a common question for crocs users. You have an experience that your crocs are stretching day by day. Although the brand ensures the exact size, you may experience this issue for several conditions.

Don’t worry about your stretched crocs. I have mentioned the easiest way to shrink crocs. Read the instructions of the next paragraph attentively.

Make sure you can control the temperature of the water or dryer. Too much temperature may ruin the shape of the crocs.

How to shrink crocs?

After stretching the crocs if you feel the size of the crocs is too big, you have the option to shrink the size. Here, you have to be more attentive while shrinking the size of the crocs. Follow the easy steps below and turn the crocs into their original size.

How to Shrink Crocs
How to Shrink Crocs

Step 1 Set A Dryer: A dryer is a common staff at our home. You may have a dryer at your home. Set a timer on the dryer and the temperature should be low to medium. Don’t set it at a higher temperature.

Step  2 Put the crocs and towels in the dryer: Put the crocs and 2 wet towels in the dryer. The towels will soak excessive heat and maintain the working procedure of the dryer.

Step 3 Start heating and observe: Start the dryer and observe the process with keeping eyes. You will see the crocs shrinking slowly and the towels will dry. Keep heating for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Step 4 Check The Crocs: Check the size of the crocs after heating for 5 minutes. If the size is not in shape, keep heating for 2 minutes more. It should turn into the original size.

Step 5 Take Out The Crocs And Towels From The Dryer: Take out the crocs and the towels from the dryer. Put in the crocs and walk for 5 minutes. It should fit your feet now.

Bottom line:

That is how you can stretch and shrink your crocs. Follow the instructions to the point. Don’t overwrite the processes otherwise, you may ruin your crocs and time at the same time.

Before going applying any steps whether it is shrinking or unshrinking, you must measure the crocs. In the case of stretching the crocs, you can apply the three methods at the same time if the crocs do not stretch with the first method.  

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