How To Make Crocs Smaller That Are Too Big? [3 Simple Ways]

Crocs are very popular footwear for casual uses. You may have several pairs of crocs for different uses. Crocs stretch in different conditions. Sometimes, you may need to shrink the size of the crocs. To make it easy, you have to know how to make crocs smaller.

Shrinking crocs is an easy task. Follow the instructions below. I have mentioned three methods for making crocs smaller.

Pick the best way of how to shrink crocs from the methods below. Don’t exceed the limit of heat. Excessive heat may ruin the shape of the crocs.

Take your crocs and jump into the operation now. First, read out the methods carefully. Then, start with the first method.

Can you shrink crocs?

In short, yes we can shrink crocs easily. We know crocs stretch after wearing. A new pair of crocs may seem tight. If you wear them for a week, they will stretch naturally.

Wearing a pair of crocs for a long time may stretch the size. If you don’t have the mind to buy a new pair of shoes, you can shrink the old crocs into the original size.

I have explained three magical methods on how to shrink crocs below. Go through the methods and shrink your crocs. I hope, you will enjoy the methods.

How to make crocs smaller: Three methods

Apply the first method if you have a dryer at home. If you don’t have a dryer, you can avoid the first method and go for the last two methods. Read the instructions carefully so that you cannot ruin the crocs.

Make your crocs smaller with a dryer:

Need a dryer and two wet towels.

Step 1 Put The Crocs And Towel In The Dryer: Insert the crocs and two wet towels in the dryer. The wet towels will protect the crocs from extreme heat. The towels will shock the heat and distribute to the crocs.

Step 2 Set The Timer And Heat: Set the timer from 10 to 15 minutes. 15 minutes may be too high. Fix it for 7 to 10 minutes. Set the heating level medium to low. Don’t set a high level of heat.

Step 3 Run The Dryer And Observe: Run the dryer. Observe the process and condition of the crocs. Heat loosens up the materials. You must see the process to protect the crocs from any danger.

Step 4 Check The Crocs: After 5 minutes, check out the crocs. They must shrink a little bit. Put them again in the dryer if you don’t get the right shape yet. Start the dryer again.

Step 5 Take Out The Crocs And Wear: When you see the shrunken crocs, stop the dryer. Let them cool down in the open air. When the crocs are cool enough to wear, put them on your feet. Walk around for 5 minutes. The crocs will fit our feet.

How To Shrink Crocs With Hot Water

Need a bowl, water, and a stove or burner

Step 1 Put Water In The Bowl And Place The Bowl Into The Burner: Get some water in the bowl. You can use a pot instead of a bowl. Place the bowl on the burner or stove.

Step 2 Start The Burner And Boil The Water: Start the burner and keep heating the water. The amount of water should be enough for your crocs.

Step 3 Insert Your Crocs In The Water: Put the crocs into a bowl full of water. You should put the crocs after 2 minutes of boiling water.

Step 4 Heat The Crocs For 5 Minutes In Medium Temperature: Heat the crocs for about 5 minutes. You should not heat the crocs for more than 10 minutes. It should lose the materials within 5 minutes.

Step 5 Take Out The Crocs And Wear: Take the crocs out of the bowl and keep it in the open air. Make it cool and put it on your feet. The croc’s should turn into the original size.

How To Shrink Crocs In The Sun

This step will be suitable if you don’t have to shrink the crocs too much. It will shrink the crocs a little bit.

Step 1 Wait For The Perfect Day: To hear the crocs in the sun, you have to wait for a perfect day. You may get the sun at the most burning position at noon in the summer season. However, you can apply this method in any season.

Step 2 Put Your Crocs In The Sun: Put your crocs in the sun at noon when the sun is up to your head. Keep the crocs in the sun for 30 minutes. It will heat the crocs and shrink them.

Step 3 Keep The Crocs In Cool Area: After 30 minutes, keep the crocs in a cold area. In this time, the crocs will be shrunken. Wear the crocs and enjoy the fit size.

Do Crocs Stretch After Wearing?

Crocs stretch after wearing for a few weeks. A pair of new crocs will stretch a little bit with the shape of your feet. They should be fit to your feet.

Sometimes, crocs may stretch too much for different weather conditions. In this case, you may have to shrink the size of the crocs.

Don’t worry. Follow the steps above and make your crocs suitable for your feet at home. Enjoy your crocs.

Do Crocs Shrink In Heat?

Crocs shrink in the heat. Next, they may wrap the size completely in extreme heat. Crocs are made of croslite and polymer. They may change their shape in the heat. You can customize the size of the crocs with heat.

Heat makes the material loosen up. When you keep the crocs in a cold area after heating, they begin to shrink naturally. The materials shrink together.

Thus, you can change the size of the crocs with the help of heat.

Bottom line:

You must be aware of the age of the crocs. If you are trying to shrink the old crocs, you must care about the material of the crocs. If everything is fine, follow the instructions on how to make crocs smaller.

Don’t overdo the instructions otherwise you may wrap the crocs forever. They may not come to the normal size anymore. Read the instructions and make your crocs smaller.

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