How To Move a Treadmill by Yourself – 3 Awesome Ways

Everyone knows the treadmill is a heavy and bulky machine. So, before moving your treadmill you’ve to care about some important things. Otherwise, just a simple mistake or carelessness can cause great damage to the treadmill. 

At present, there are many types of treadmills around us. These are manual, automatic, folding, wheeler, commercial, etc. Don’t despair, all of these removal procedures are mostly the same. 

Before moving your treadmill at first make a simple plan and identifies impending obstacles. That will ensure your damage-free moving. 

To move your treadmill safely we will recommend you follow three methods. Believe it or not, that’s are the easiest way you’ve to pursue. Let’s know of these methods-

Treadmill Rolling Methods: 

This method only works if the treadmill has wheels. This method works only when moving the treadmill in a short distance. It’s the easiest way ever.

To follow this method, you don’t need to use any dolly or trolly. Here’s how to do this-

Step 1- Check the moving instruction and prepare your treadmill:

At first check the user’s manual. Here you’ll find complete instructions about moving this machine. Now, follow these instructions and prepare the treadmill to move. 

Step 2- Remove the power connections and safety key:

Before moving the treadmill unplugging all power connections. That will ensure the treadmill safely move. 

Another thing that you’ll also turn off is the safety key. Every treadmill has a safety key so that it’s stable in a place. Without turn off it, you can’t move this machine anywhere. So, follow the manual instruction and remove the safety key. 

Step 3- Fold the treadmill:

If your treadmill foldable then fold it to follow manual instructions. That’s will makes your transportation easy and safe. 

You may need to remove some screws. Don’t panic! strictly follow all steps. 

Step 4- Correctly hold the treadmill:

After folding the treadmill go to the opposite side of the wheels. Here, you’ll see some handles. Strictly hold this.  

Step 5- Push your treadmill to the destination:

Roll the treadmill is a very easy process. Hold it strictly and carefully push up the backside. Now easily transfer it to the destination. 

But make sure that there are no obstacles on your way and you already complete all necessary preparations. 

Furniture Dolly Methods: 

What happens if there no wheels on your treadmill? How can you move?

Don’t worry! Just with the help of a furniture dolly, it’s easy to move a non-wheeler treadmill within a short or medium distance. Here the simple steps you’ve to follow-

Step 1- Prepare the treadmill:

Before jump to another step completely prepare the treadmill. You can take help from the user’s manual to prepare the treadmill easily. 

Read the user’s manual attentively and ready your treadmill to move. 

Step 2- Unplugging power connection:

Check the power connection of the treadmill and remove the connection cable from power sockets. That’s very easy. 

Make sure your safety. Turn off the switch before unplugging. 

Step 3- Fold your treadmill if possible:

If your treadmill support folding then it’s easy to move it. So, check out that and receive knowledge about folding. 

To complete this step you can take help from the user manual. Here you’ll find the easy process to fold up.

Step 4- Lift the treadmill on the furniture dolly:

Now it’s time to lift up this machine after complete the fold-up process. But be careful in this step. 

If the weight of the treadmill too much then you’ve to find someone to help. Otherwise, you may the victim of an accident.  

Step 5- Roll the Furniture dolly to a new location:

Furniture dolly works like wheels. It’s the alternative when your treadmill has no wheels. Now, carefully push the dolly to your new location.

Be careful! Your treadmill and furniture dolly are the different items. So, tie or hold strictly before moving.

Step 6- Unload the treadmill:

After reached your new destination now unload the treadmill from the furniture dolly. This process exactly the opposite of lift up.

Carefully hold the treadmill and slowly put it down on the floor. To make this process easier you can take the help of someone else.

Long-Distance Move Methods:

Sometimes we need to move our treadmill in a long distance. Especially when we change of home.

At this time it’s much difficult to move this exercise machine. Because we have to face stairs, lifting, uploading, and other difficult issues. 

Don’t be upset. We find an easy way to move the treadmill safely. Here the steps you’ve to follow- 

Step 1- Read the user’s manual:

Before doing anything at first attentively read the user’s manual. Here, you must find the move, assemble and disassemble process. 

If you don’t understand properly then check the images there and follow us. 

Step 2- Unplugging:

Find your treadmill’s power connection wire and unplug it. But make sure you already switch off your power connection. 

If possible disconnect the power cable from the treadmill and put it in a safe place.

Step 3- Remove safety key:

Every treadmill has a safety key. Now remove the safety key and ready the treadmill to move. 

Step 4- Disassemble the treadmill:

Follow your user’s manual instruction and disassemble your treadmill carefully. This process takes some time.

 Be patient and cautiously fold the treadmill.

Step 5- Prepare to move:

Before moving your treadmill check warily if there any obstacles on the way. If you find anything then remove it.

Step 6- Carry the treadmill parts:

Now carry the treadmill parts or the treadmill with another person’s help. To safely complete this process you can use safety materials.

Step 7- Be careful about stairs:

Be careful when you move your treadmill upper or lower stairs. Strictly grip the treadmill and slowly move.

Step 8- Assemble and plugging the treadmill:

Overcoming all these obstacles now start to assemble your treadmill after reaching your destination. 

Don’t hurry! Carefully assemble the treadmill. Now connect the power cable. The treadmill is ready to use. 

Keep in mind that treadmills are very heavy. Make sure that you have already completed your preparation. Keep your steps short and move slowly. 

These methods will help to safely move the treadmill without dropping or hurting yourself. But when moving the treadmill in long-distance more hands can be better. 

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