How to Restore Timberland Boots Color? – Details Guide For Beginners

Restoring color on Timberlands boots is easy if you know the right way how to restore Timberlands boots color. Timberland boots are very common in every stage. To maintain the boots, you have to follow some factors.

Listen, I have mentioned two ways to maintain the color of the shoes. You can restore the color of the boots by using sealant or applying color.

Before going to take any action, read the instructions properly from the paragraphs below. I hope the instructions will be worth your time.

Let’s start the operation.

How To Restore Timberland Boots Color?

Timberlands boots can be your first choice as a work boot. After using the boots for 2 years, you may need to restore the color. Follow the steps below to restore your Timberlands boot’s color.

Part 1: Clean up the Timberlands boots

Step 1 Prepare the boots: First, you have to prepare the boots. Check out the color of the boots. You may see small spots and stains on the boots. First, take out the shoelaces.

Step 2 Clean up small spots and stains: Before restoring the color of your Timberlands boots, you should clean up the spots and stains. It will help your boots to look like a new pair of shoes.

In this case, you can use a brush or damp cloth to clean up the spots. Sometimes, an eraser can be great work. Get an eraser and scrub on the stains. It will remove the stains easily.

On the other hand, you can use an old brush to clean up deep stains. Get some cleaner on the top of the brush and start scrubbing on the stains. It should vanish the stains.

Step 3 Go for deep clean: If you need to clean up the boots deeply, you should arrange some cleaner. You will get leather cleaner in the local or online shops. Get a reputed cleaner.

Start from the bottom of the shoe. You can wash out the bottom of the boots with shop water or detergent. Mix up detergent and water. Use a brush to clean up the bottom.

In the time of cleaning the top of the boots, you should use a normal cleaner. You should not use water to clean up the leather of the boots. You know water is harmful to leather.

Step 4 Follow up: Check out the boots attentively so that you should not get any dirty spots. If the boots are in perfect condition, follow the next part.

Part 2: Use sealant

Step 1 Get a sealant: You will get different types of sealants in the market. Here, you may think about using colors. I must say that colors carry water and acid. They can be harmful to your old boots.

Thus, you should choose a sealant that can bring the original color back. I prefer to use transparent sealant for my Timberlands boots. You may buy a spray with sealant.

Step 2 Arrange the tools: You can apply the sealant using a brush and damp cloths. Arrange a brush and soft cloth. You have to use them partly.

Step 3 Apply sealant: If you have bought a piece of spray sealant, you can apply it to the boots directly. Jerk the sealant for a while before applying it to the boots.

In the case of wax or bum, you have to apply the sealant using a brush. Here, you should use regular shoe brushes. It helps to spread the sealant smoothly on the boots.

After applying the sealant, get a damp cloth. Wipe down the extra sealant. Spread the liquid things all over the boot. It will raise the original color.

Part 3: Dry up

Step 1 Choose a clean place: After applying the sealant to your boots, you have to be careful of debris. Clean up a place where the boots can get open air and light.

Step 2 Insert papers in the boots: Now, you have to insert some papers inside the boots. The paper will keep the boots straight. On the other hand, you can use damp cloths to keep the body fit.

Step 3 Apply open-air: Don’t use a hairdryer to dry up the boots. Place the boots in the open air. It may take 4 to 8 hours to dry up. Don’t wear the shoes before they dry up completely.

I hope you can restore the original color of your boots following these ways. If you are not satisfied with the present color, read the paragraphs below.  

Can I Dye Timberlands Boots?

You can dye Timberlands boots if you know the right way of how to color Timberlands boots. Listen, Timberlands boots are made of leather. Before applying any liquid material in leather, you should be careful.

If you are going to color the Timberland boots for getting the original color back, you should follow the steps above first. If the steps do not work on your shoes, you can follow the next paragraph.

Try to choose the best color for your favorite shoes. Every color contains chemicals and acid. If you buy the worst color, it may ruin the leather of your boots.

How To Color Timberlands Boots?

Step 1 Select color: Selecting a color is a crucial stage. You have to find the perfect color for your boots. If you want to change the color, you can take any color. Remember, if you are choosing a different color, it won’t last for longer.

Try to choose a color from a reputable brand. In this case, you can buy color from a sealant brand.

Step 2 Prepare boots: Take out the shoelaces from the boots. You can color the shoelaces separately. Wash them clearly before applying color. I have mentioned how to clean up Timberlands boots. Clean up the boots before applying any color.

Step 3 Apply color: You may find some colors with spray. Apply the spray on your boots. Start from the bottom of the boots. Don’t spray too much color on your boots. It may create stains.

Mash the color on the boots. Make sure that the color is sprinkled on the boots properly.

Step 4 Dry up: After applying the color, keep the boots in the open air. It will take time to dry up the boots completely. Don’t use a dryer.

Is It Safe To Dye Timberlands Boots?

I prefer to use the sealant rather than applying color. Timberlands boots are made of leather. If you apply color, it may damage the leather of the boots.

To maintain the condition of the boots, I clean them regularly. I have bought a good sealant. Whenever I apply the sealant to the boots, they become new. I don’t need to use color.

If you want to color the boots, you can follow the instructions above. Here, you have to select the best color for your boots so that the color may not affect the quality of the leather.

Bottom Line

The color of the boots matters a lot if you use them at workstations, parties, events, or any other occasion. You can maintain the color easily by following the instructions below.

After reading the article on how to restore Timberland boots color, you should be able to restore the color of your boots. Read the instructions properly before going to direct action.

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