Can You Wash Converse In The Washing Machine: 3 Ways to Wash

Converse shoes are a great choice as footwear. Everybody wants to show up with a stylish look and outfit. In this case, you might choose a pair of converse. Next, you have to maintain the shoes also. Cleaning is the key factor in maintaining shoes.

Look: In the case of cleaning, you may ask can you wash converse in the washing machine.

You can put your favorite converse in the washing machine to wash them quickly. Here, you just need to follow some instructions that I have enlisted below.

I have mentioned the three best methods to wash your shoes. Follow method 3 to use the washing machine.

Let’s start cleaning your converse.

Can You Wash Converse In The Washing Machine? 

You can wash converse in the washing machine. To wash your converse in the washing machine, you must know how to wash the converse in the washing machine.

Washing shoes in the washer is not a hard task. However, any mistake may damage your shoes forever. Nobody wants to damage his favorite pair of shoes.

Here, you have to maintain the temperature, cycle, and detergent in a measured way. You should not rush to improvise. Read the methods of washing converse below. Method 3 is about using a washing machine.

Read the guidelines and make your converse new without costing a lot.

How to Wash Converse in the Washing Machine: Three Ways To Clean Converse

Method 1: Wash Converse With Hands (Applicable for Colored and black converse)

Step 1 Make a solution:

As you are going to hand wash the converse shoes, you need to make a solution to wash with. Arrange some regular detergent that you use to wash your clothes. The ingredients could be window cleaner, dishwasher, detergent, and shampoo.

Get a bowl with warm water. Measure the warm water with a cup. Add two of water and 1/4 cup of detergent powder in the bowl. In the case of excessive dirt in the shoes, you can make another batch of solutions.  

Step 2 Get a bowl with water:

Get a small bowl with water. You can use fresh water or warm water. You have to use this water to rinse the solution after applying.

Step 3 Dip a fresh cloth in the solution:

Place your shoes on a table. Go one by one. Wet the fresh cloth in the solution. Twist the cloth softly so that you

Step 4 Start scrubbing the shoes with the cloth:

Get the cloth on the shoe and start scrubbing. Start from the rubber sole/

Find the dirty spots first. Push some pressure on the cloth so that the dark spot gets cleaned. Then, apply the solution to the upper sole of the shoes. It should clean up the area easily.

Then, apply the same process for the next shoe. Whatever the color of your shoes, this process is perfect.

Step 5 Wipe the shoes with a fresh cloth:

Get another fresh cloth. Dip the cloth in the freshwater that you have in a small bowl. Wipe the solution on the shoes with the cloth. Use fresh water to clean up the solution.

Make sure, there is no sign of the solution in the shoes.

Step 6 Place the shoes in air-dry:

You must dry up the converse shoes before wearing them. Place the shoes in the open air. It may take 24 hours to dry up naturally.

Wash Converse With Hands

Method 2: Use Stain Removers And Brush (Applicable For Colored And Black Converse)

Step 1 Get some stationery products:

You can use a magic eraser to clean up the dark spots and stains in the rubber. The magic eraser works well in the rubber sole.

Step 2 Make a solution:

We always like to use common ingredients to wash our shoes. Make a solution with detergent, shop water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. You can avoid the last two ingredients.

Step 3 Wet the magic eraser:

Dip the magic eraser in the solution. Remember, you have to use the magic eraser in the rubber only. Don’t apply the magic eraser in the upper sole. Clean up the rubber by scrubbing the magic eraser.

Step 4 Dip the brash:

It’s time to wash the entire shoe. Dip the brush in the solution. You can use old brushes. Make sure the brush is clean enough.

Step 5 Scrub with the brush:

Scrub the upper area of the shoe with the brush. Don’t push too much. Excessive pressure may damage the joint of the shoes. Scrub smoothly.

Step 6 Rinse with fresh water and place in the air:

Once you have finished cleaning the pair of shoes, rinse them with fresh water. Here, you can use warm water as you wish. Place the shoes in the air. Dry the shoes naturally.

Method 3: Use Washing Machine To Wash Converse (Applicable For All Kinds Of Converse)

Use Washing Machine To Wash Converse

Step 1 Prepare the shoes:

Put off the shoelaces from the shoes. If you find dark spots or stains on the shoes, you have to pretreat the shoes. Follow the above two instructions for removing deep dark spots and stains.

Step 2 Insert the shoes in a washable bag:

You should find the washable bags in the local market. They are made of nets. Put your shoes and shoelaces in the bag. The bag will protect the shoes from damage.

Step 3 Place the bag inside the washing machine:

Make sure your washing machine is empty. Insert the bag in the machine gently.

Step 4 Run the machine:

You may try to warm the water. I would suggest not warming the water for the washing machine. Normal water temperature is perfect for washing shoes. Set a normal cycle. Use normal detergent powder as before.

Step 5 Dry up:

Place the shoes in the sun. The perfect way to dry up shoes is the open air. It does not damage the ingredients of the shoes.

What Temperature Do You Use In The Washer For Converse?

You must set the temperature level of the washing machine before putting converse into it. What’s the reason for setting up the temperature?

If you don’t set the temperature level, high temperatures may damage the shoes. Shoes are mixed with some sticky liquids. Excessive heat may force the joints to part.

However, you can wash the converse in hot or cool water regarding your needs and instrument. A little bit of hot water helps to clean up the converse quickly and smoothly.

When you are using the washing machine, the temperature must not exceed 104-degree F. This temperature level should be the marginal temperature.  

How To Wash White Converse In A Washing Machine?

Washing machines can be suitable for white converse. Follow the instructions below.

Step1 Prepare the shoes before putting them into the washing machine. Put off the shoelaces from the shoes.

Step 2 If your converse is too dirty, rinse them with fresh water. Use a cloth to wipe the dirty spots.

Step 3 Get a washing bag. Put your shoes in the bag with the shoelaces. Tie the mouth of the bag.

Step 4 Mix general detergent powder that you use to wash clothes. Keep the temperature at a normal level.

Step 5 Insert the bag of shoes into the washing machine. Turn the machine. Observe the process. You should not wash the shoes for more than 10 minutes.

Step 6 Get the shoes out from the washing machine and let them dry in the open air.

What Is The Best Way To Wash Converse?

To save time, I prefer to use the washing machine for washing my converse. You don’t need to know a lot to wash your converse in the washing machine.

The manual way is also perfect for cleaning the dark spots and stains. If you find any deep dark spots or stains, you should go with the manual washing procedure.

After removing the major dark circles, you can put the shoes in the washing machine for an extreme wash. Use normal detergents and clean your shoes easily.

Read the instructions above and choose the perfect one regarding your shoe condition.

Bottom line

We make a common mistake while washing shoes. The mistake is rushing and being rough to the shoes. You should be rough with your shoes. You can wash your converse in the washing machine whatever the color is white, black, or colorful.

After washing, you should place the shoes in the open air. The natural wind does not damage the materials of the shoes. Clean up your shoes and be stylish.

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