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Shoes are common stuff for everyone. Before buying any shoes we must know the right size. If you can connect the right size and style together. You will get the ultimate pleasure of wearing shoes.

In this article on What Does GS And PS Mean In Shoes, I have mentioned the abbreviation of different sizes with meaning. You should go through it one by one so that you can get the entire factors of shoe size in the shortest time.

GS and PS belong to the shoes for grade school and preschool students. You know kids are very crazy about their daily staff. Choose the right pair of shoes with the right measurement. Don’t forget to read the technique for measuring your kid’s feet.

Explore the tags of different sizes starting with GS and PS.

What Does GS And PS Mean In Shoes?

GS: In simple terms, GS stands for grade school. It means the shoes holding the tag GS builds for grade school students. It means the size of the ages of the students.

The tag GS is maintained for Nike and Jordans. These two brands differentiate their shoes in multiple sizes. It helps to choose the shoes with the right size.

You can use a pair of GS shoes if your feet size is equal to a grade school student.

PS: PS stands for preschool. The tag PS introduces you to a pair of shoes built for preschool students. They may come in different sizes.

PS shoes are cheaper than the GS shoes as they are smaller than the shoes. However, the brand does not compromise the quality of the shoes.

Here, you may think about shoes for toddlers. Remember, toddlers’ shoes are the smallest size of shoes. They may not fit preschool students.

Check out the size for GS and PS shoes below the article.

Shoe Terminology Explained

  • GS stands for grade school.
  • PS stands for preschool.
  • TD stands for toddlers.
  • BC stands for the Baby crib.
  • DS stands for deadstock.
  • HS stands for hyper-strike. This is the most exclusive pair of shoes made for celebrities, friends, and families.  
  • QS stands for quick-strike. This pair of shoes is not as rare as the HS.
  • HTM denotes the first latter of three names. They are Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield, and Mark Parker.
  • Y stands for youth or Youngers.
  • SP stands for a special project.
  • NRG stands for energy.
  • LE stands for a limited edition.
  • LS stands for a lifestyle.
  • NSW stands for Nike sportswear.
  • SB stands for skateboarding.

Does Shoe Size Matter?

Shoe size matters a lot. The comfortability depends on the fitness of the shoes. Shoes come in different sizes. If you are a Nike lover, you are a bit advanced in choosing shoes. This brand has categorically differentiated the shoe sizes.

For the kids, you should look for the TD or BC categories for Nike and Jordans. On the other hand, if your kid belongs to a preschool, you should go with the PS category.

Moreover, GS shoes are the best for grade school levels. You will find the sizes are mostly similar with the grade school boys and girls.

Finally, to choose a pair for your feet, you can go with the Y size. This size is a universal size that can be fitted with any person of any age.

To get the ultimate pleasure of wearing shoes, you must choose the right size.

Choosing GS And PS Shoes

You know GS stands for grade school. It does not mean that only grade school students can wear it. The brand has distributed the size according to the benefit of the customer. If you go to the market to buy a pair of shoes for your school-going children, you will feel puzzled seeing the differences in size.

In this case, this category of size has divided the pair of shoes previously. You just need to measure your feet and buy a pair.

On the other hand, PS stands for preschool. Your kid may start the journey of going to school. A new pair of shoes will motivate him to attend school daily. Kids are always prone to have fun.

You just need a couple of minutes to buy a pair of shoes for the preschool children. Go for the PS category and choose one. These shoes are not too much different. However, you should pick the right pair of shoes for your adorable kids.

GS Shoes Size Chart


PS Shoe Size Chart


How To Measure A Child’s Feet?

You can measure your child’s feet easily by following some easy steps. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Arrange a ruler, pen, and paper.

Step 2: Stand your child against a wall. The surface of the floor must be flat.

Step 3: Make sure the heels touch the wall. Your kids must stand straight.

Step 4: Place the ruler beneath the toes. Measure the ruler from the wall to the top of the feet.

Step 5: Write the result.

Step 6: Visit Nikes sizing tool with the result. Put your result. The tool will show you the right size for shoes.

Can Adults Wear GS Shoes?

In short, you can wear GD shoes if your feet are not too big. A student of grade 10 may have the same size as you. Measure your feet to determine the shoe size.

When I was younger I used GS shoes for two years. My feet did not change then. It was good and comfortable.

If you have confidence that your feet may fit in the GS shoes, you can carry on. I think GS shoes are enough for the upcoming Youngers. They are cheap in price but healthy in quality.

Having a little foot size, you can enjoy the best quality at a cheaper price.

GS And PS Shoes Is For Boy Or Girl?

Remember, GS and PS do not differentiate any gender. They are accordingly for grade school and preschool. They are just the size of the shoes.

A boy or girl can use the same GS or PS shoes. They are good-looking and suitable for any outfit. Don’t think about gender. You should pay attention to the style and color of the shoes.

Thus, GS and PS do not mean any specific gender. They are equal for boys and girls. Have a new pair of shoes for your kids to influence them to go to school regularly.

Is GS 7 The Same As Men’s 7?

You may find a little bit of difference between the GS 7 and men’s 7 size shoes. GS 7 is a perfect size for a school-going boy or girl. On the other hand, men’s 7 is perfect for a grown-up man.

The number 7 is similar for sizes. GS shoes may not be comfortable for a man. Next, a men’s 7 size shoe may not be perfect for a student.

Come to the point. Both pairs of shoes may be similar in the case of quality, durability, and brand. However, they are different in size and price.

The width and height of the shoes are similar. On the contrary, the overall size of the shoes is different from each other.

What Are The Perfect Shoes Of Kids?

Size: The right size should be the first priority when you are buying shoes for your kids. A grown-up man can adjust to a new pair of shoes easily but a kid may not adjust to the new shoes. Check the size from the table above for your kids.

Build quality: Pay attention to the build quality of the shoes. Try to buy a pair full of cushioning. Kids are more prone to injured feet. A cushioning shoe may save their feet well. On other hand, the production material must be strong. Kids may not understand the differences between running and walking shoes.

Durability: When you have paid attention to the raw material, you have already ensured durability. The durability of a pair of shoes may depend on several things. You cannot understand your kids about the uses of a pair of shoes. However, you can assure a pair of shoes with long-term durability.

Brands: I may not suggest you any brand of shoes. You will find thousands of brands producing quality shoes and supplying them worldwide. Just ensure what you want and what you are getting from the shoes. You will have the right choice.

Bottom Line

The size of a pair of shoes is crucial. With the article on “What does GS and PS mean in shoes,” I have tried to mention the necessary factors and points. Don’t forget to measure the feet size of your kids. Use the measurement tool and give the right pair of shoes to your kids. 

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