What size Crocs Should I Get: Crocs Sizes Explained

Crocs will provide you the best experience of walking. To ensure the ultimate comfort of crocs, you must choose the size of the perfect crocs for your feet.

Here, you may ask “what size crocs should I get”. Don’t worry. Crocs sizes explained below the article. Go through the points eventually to explore the unknown about crocs.

Note: Look at the top of the crocs size chart. The tables are divided regarding gender and age. Have a look at the regions too.  

Let’s go deeper into crocs sizing.

What size crocs should I get?

To choose the perfect pair of crocs you have to know the fundamentals of crocs. Crocs are effective and pleasant only when you choose the right pair for your shoes.

Measure your feet size perfectly to determine the size of the crocs exactly. I have mentioned a chart below in the article. Pick the best crocs size from the chart below and enjoy the ultimate pleasure of wearing crocs.

Go through the point below. Different crocs will be perfect for different places. Learn when to put on what crocs.

Crocs sizes explained:

“On the clocks” shoe crocs:

You may have the idea about “On The Clock” sizing by the name. This sizing is designed for professionals due to heavy use.

If you are from the medical field or work in the food industry, this size may be a perfect choice for you. Crocs does not have a healing potion that upright your height. It is flat and comfortable.

It also has different sizes for different feet. You have to take a pair of these crocs according to your feet size. You should not use it for a roomy fit. For roomy uses, it may not be a perfect choice.

Slipper crocs:

Crocs slippers are best for roomy uses. If you are taking a sudden vacation at home, you can get this one for your feet protection. Next, slipper crocs are designed for warmth.

Passing winter vacation will be more comfortable if you have a pair of slipper crocs inside your shoes. It produces heat to keep your feet warm. You should not apply these crocs for outdoor walking.

Croc-bang Clog crocs s:

Croc-bang clog crocs s come with a sportier look. It has a mid-strip. The middle of the crocs is a little bit high compared to other crocs.

These crocs are best for roomy uses for all seasons. It does not produce much heat like slipper crocs s. You can apply these crocs to the shoes for walking or rest at home.

Bistro Clog crocs s:

Bistro clog crocs s are a favorite size. These crocs come with a top and heel. You will find relaxation and comfort whatever your feet size is.

You must remember that it does not have any ventilation holes. However, the heel and top of the crocs ensure breathability. The closed-toe design of these crocs will save you from spoilage. It can be a perfect choice for standard uses.

Classic clog crocs s:

Classic clog crocs s are the most favorite crocs all over the world. These crocs come with a heel and top. The top of the crocs has holes. The holes suck water or sweat from your feet.

If you have any confusion about different sizing, you should pick up classic clog crocs s. It suits any foot. Next, it has multiple uses. The most interesting factor of these crocs is the variety of uses.’

I prefer classic clog crocs for men, women, or neutral users. Anybody can experience the comfortable feeling of the classic clog crocs s. 

Choose the size of the crocs from the chart

Follow the list below and pick up the right size crocs for you. Measure your feet size and match with the table given below. Hope you will get the right size crocs for you.

Man’s Size

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizesInchesMMShop Listed size
3433-378 5/822136-37
5638-399 3/823838-39
6739-409 5/824639-40
8942-4310 3/826334-43
91043-4410 5/827243-44
111246-4711 3/828846-47
121348-4911 5/829748-49
141550-5112 3/831450-51
151651-5212 5/832351-52

Woman’s Size

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizesInchesMMShop Listed size
2433-348 3/821233-34
3534-358 5/822134-35
5737-389 3/823837-38
6838-399 5/824638-39
81041-4210 3/826341-42
91142-4310 5/827342-43

Adult Unisex Size

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizesInchesMMShop Listed size
M4/W4M4/W636-378 5/822136-37
M5/ W6M6/ W838-399 3/823838-39
M6/W7M7/W939-409 5/824639-40
M8/W9M9/W1142-4310 3/826334-43
M9/W10M10/W1243-4410 7/827243-44
111246-4711 3/828846-47
121348-4911 5/829748-49
141550-5112 3/831450-51

Kids Size

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizesInchesMMShop Listed size
2C217-183 7/89817-18
3C318-194 1/810718-19
4C419-204 ½11519-20
5C520-214 7/812320-21
6C622-235 1/813222-23
7C723-245 ½14023-24
8C824-255 7/814924-25
9C925-266 1/815725-26
10C1027-286 ½16627-28
11C1128-296 7/817428-29
12C1229-307 1/818329-30
13C1330-317 ½19130-31
1J132-337 7/820032-33
2J233-348 1/820833-34
3J334-358 ½21735-36
4J436-378 7/822536-37
5J537-389 1/823337-38
6J638-399 ½24238-39

How to make crocs more comfortable

Crocs are naturally comfortable. You have the option to enhance your comfortability. If you have any issues with your feet, you should go to the doctor before applying any crocs. Your physician will suggest the best choice.

To make crocs more comfortable you can use a gel. Just visit online shops and get crocs gel. This gel will provide a comfortable feeling when you walk with the crocs.

The gel is also efficient to remove odor produced inside the shoes. It saves your feet from excessive sweat. Next, keep using the crocs at home for 3 to 4 weeks. They will stretch regarding your feet size.

Bottom line:

Crocs are very efficient for shaping feet. They are hygienic and easy to use. A pair of crocs inside your shoes can change the pleasure of walking. The thin size and cushioned technology have made the crocs suitable for shoes.

Don’t make any mistake choosing the right size of the crocs. Read the lists above and get the right crocs for your family members. Crocs are comfortable and do not change shape. After reading the article you should not have a question about what size crocs should I get.