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What Type of Shoes to Wear on Treadmill

Running on a treadmill will be more enjoyable if you have the right pair of shoes. Shoes for the treadmill should be the priority if you are going to run on the treadmill regularly.

This article on what type of shoes to wear on treadmill will take to the exact point. You can have the perfect pair of shoes reading the points below.

Remember: Don’t be cheap choosing the best quality shoes for running on the treadmill. Don’t use running shoes for other tasks.  

How to choose the right Shoes for your feet to wear on the treadmill

Know your feet

Before buying any shoes for exercise, you must know your feet well. Having a good idea about your feet will let you choose the perfect pair of shoes.

First, try to visit a podiatrist. He or she will explain your feet well. If you don’t have the option to visit the expert, then you can have some basic ideas from the below.

Our feet may become of three types. They are normal feet, flat feet, and high-arched feet.

You can apply any kind of shoes for normal feet. If you have a normal arch in your feet, then you have normal feet.

Next, flat feet do not have any arch. The people having flat feet do not have any visible curb from the big toe to the heel. Here, you have to choose any shoes that stabilize your feet.

On the other hand, people having high-arched feet need special care while running outside or on a treadmill. Here, you should choose shoes that absorb shock.


You should know your budget well. Here, don’t be the cheapest. The health of your feet depends on the shoes. Try to reach a healthy budget.

A pair of shoes with standard quality and from a good brand may cost a high rate. You can choose cheaper but need to change too often. The choice is yours.


You will get any kind of shoes in the online market. Just think about the quality and brand of the shoes.

Compare the price from different online shops to others so that you can get the best one with the cheapest price.

What type of shoes is the best for treadmill running?


The primary difference between normal shoes and exercise shoes is weight. Normal shoes come with a weight that is only suitable for attending the party and normal waking.

A pair of exercise shoes must be lightweight. You will find the weight of the shoes in the level. The best way of checking weight is by measuring with hands. Before buying the shoes, read out the features very well.

Shoes with lightweight will motivate you to run for a long time. On the other hand, heavy-weight shoes may produce tension in the legs. You may get tired too early.  


The breathability of the shoes will keep your feet dry while running for a long time on the treadmill. For indoor running, you will miss the natural air. As a result, your feet will sweat too fast.

A good pair of shoes with great breathability can keep your feet dry. It will absorb the heat and pump air inside the shoes. Although this air is not perfect for the feet, it will help to avoid odor and sweating.


Cushioning will provide you the comfortability of the shoes. This feature will help you to keep your feet fit. Remember, the shoes are getting the full pressure of your body.

On the other hand, cushioning should be the priority if you are a female. It will help you keep the feet beautiful in the hard pressure. A well-cushioned pair of shoes may come in a bigger size.

To run for a long time on the treadmill, you should prefer well-cushioned shoes. It will add pleasure to your every impact on the treadmill.

Motion control:

Treadmill running will make you step up repeatedly. As a result, you feel the same impact on every step. Here, you need support to avoid tiredness.  

Nowadays, you will find many brands that are producing shoes with motion control. Motion control is a feature that will support each impact of the step. It helps your toes and feet to feel better.

On the other hand, motion control features can save your legs from upcoming danger.


Treadmill running will keep your shoes looking nice and fit. It will not get the dust outside. On the other hand, there is no chance to get wet with water.

Durability depends on several things. To keep your shoes fit for a suitable time, you have to take care of the shoes.

Just do a little task regularly to keep your shoes durable. Tie the shoes perfectly, clean them up regularly, get the shoes in the sun and natural air, and so on.

Why do I need to wear suitable shoes for the treadmill?

You can carry out regular exercises in your regular shoes. You should not run wearing any kind of shoes for the sake of your feet. Your feet will go damaged within several days.

Have a look below to see the benefits of wearing the perfect shoes for treadmill running.

  • A perfect pair of shoes will enhance running time. It will support your feet to run with pleasure.
  • The cushioning body will add a comfortable feeling to each impact. Your feet will not get damaged.
  • Shoes are the only thing that connects you with the treadmill. Get the best connector to enjoy the workout.
  • The best pair of shoes will make the running session enjoyable with a comfortable feeling.

How do I care for my shoes for the treadmill?

Wear the shoes only for running:

You should not wear running shoes for other tasks. If you go outside wearing this pair of shoes, it will get dust and rain. As a result, it may damage very fast. Wear the shoes only for running on the treadmill.

Clean up them regularly:

After finishing your exercise session, clean up the shoes with soft cloths and a brush. Using a vacuum cleaner is the best way. The speedy air can clean up the entire pair of shoes well.

Clean up the running pad:

You should clean up the running pad of the treadmill too. The pad also gets dust every day.

Place the shoes in the sun regularly:

If the shoes get wet during the running session, you should dry up them first. Sunlight is the best way to dry up the shoes without harm. You can blow air to dry up the shoes. Don’t keep them wet.

Can I use my regular shoes on a treadmill?

You can use your regular shoes on a treadmill for sudden uses only. If you don’t have shoes to wear on the treadmill, then you can wear regular shoes.

For regular running, you must buy the best pair of shoes to run on the treadmill. Treadmill running is different from outdoor running. A good pair of shoes will keep you motivated for a long time.

Regular shoes may not provide the utmost pleasure of running on the treadmill. It will ruin the beauty of your feet and session time.

Bottom line: Shoes play an important role while running on the treadmill. You must be clear of the points that are discussed above. Don’t panic seeing the outstanding design of the shoes.

Try to find the pleasure. You should have a good idea about what type of shoes to wear on treadmill after reading this article. Get the best shoes for the treadmill and enjoy running. 

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