Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive | Are Doc Martens Worth It?

Doc Martens is the leading giant in the shoe industry. As a leading brand in the shoe industry, their products deserve to be expensive. However, many people ask why are doc martens so expensive. I have found several factors that are the possible reasons for the expensive price.

If you have gone to buy a pair of DMs and failed for the expensive price, you are in the right place to seek an answer for the price. I have mentioned the reasons for dividing into two sections. Don’t judge the brand with others’ opinions.

Read the factors attentively and know the brand from the bottom. I hope you will get the answer.

The Reasons For Doc Martens So Expensive

Manufacturing reasons


If you ask a Doc Martens user how long he or she is using the shoes for, they may answer you near about 5 years. The brand ensures the durability of the shoes as their primary condition.

They use the thickest leather in their production. The quality team of the company checks out every lair of the leather they have imported. Next, they have chosen the best companies as suppliers for raw materials.

As they are buying raw materials from the best companies, they have to pay a good price for them. Next, the selection process is really hard and time-consuming.

Be sure that a DM user is wearing the best leather on his feet. If there is no change in the size, the consumer can use the pair of shoes for a long time.    


Making soles is their first step of production. The comfortability of the shoes depends on the quality of the sole. The PVC soles are comfortable and last for a long time.

If you compare the sole with other shoes, you will find it easy to compare. Analyze the lifespan of a pair of shoes and how they ruin. You will see the sole is the first portion that goes off from service.

Doc Martens confirms the durability of the soles. You may use the soles as long as you use the pair of shoes although it depends on several factors.  


If I am not wrong, celebrities are the top trend controller. They start a new trend of fashion including wearing shoes, dresses, and anything else. The public gets panicked and follows the trend.

The DM used this formula. At the very beginning, they produced shoes for music brands and celebrities. The musical bands started wearing unique shoes.

As a result, Doc Martens shoes have become popular in the world of celebrities. Later on, the public started following the trend as a matter of design. The design is so unique that a pair of shoes can be worn by anyone female or male.

It was not divided who will wear the shoes. Females started using these shoes at the very beginning of their journey. They have changed the pattern of design nowadays. The band is more valuable than its design.     

Production Process:

You may think that DM has a unique way of production. First, the process may seem to be unique but they follow the same way that other brands do.

Doc martens use the latest machines to prepare the raw materials. The final touch is given manually with the hands of expert laborers. You may not believe that they produce about 100,000 pairs of shoes each year.

First, they make the PVC soles using a hydraulic pressure machine. The machine cuts the soles in different sizes with the air pressure. Then, the labor snitches the cutting pieces together manually in a sewing machine.

Next, a mold is used to shape the leather into different boot sizes. Then, the labor uses the favorite yellow thread to finish the boots. Next, a cutting machine cuts the extra portions of the shoes.

Thus, Doc martens follow a huge way to produce a pair of shoes. They have a specialty in the making process. Doc martens have chosen every way manual and perfect. They deserve the expensive price.  

Labor cost:

The regular user of DM may not think about the labor cost of the brand. They just panic looking at the price tag. You should note that the main factory of the DM is situated in England.

If you search in google about the labor cost per hour in England, it shows 22.80 pounds per hour. To understand the relevance of the labor cost with the pricing of the product, you need to understand the working capacity of the worker. However, that one is a big deal.

England pays a high rate to the labor in the entire country. They cannot minimize the labor cost according to the law. They will not choose other countries as an alternative plant although they are producing the shoes in some countries nowadays.

Doc Martens have the best workforce in the factory. They produce about 2 million shoes each year and sell to 60 countries all over the world.

Social Reasons:

The Social fact are the important reasons Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive. Let’s explained deeply.


At the very beginning of the DM’s journey, they started selling a pair of shoes for 2 pounds only. It was nearly 1960. The shoes were getting popular due to their low cost and best quality.

Suddenly, England faced inflation in the contemporary years. The price of the shoes got new prices. The inflation continued for several years and the shoes were getting high price tags.

At present, if we count the beginning price 2 Pounds, it has become 50 pounds. Thus, the brand did not enhance the price for their profit but was the cause of inflation.   

Brand value:

This expensive company was about to go bankrupt in 2003 for unknown reasons. Then, Permira, a private equity company, owned the Doc Martens brand for 300m pounds.  

Right now the brand value is USD 5 billion. If you count the price of the shares in the market, you will get that amount as a brand value. Obviously, the value is increasing day by day.

The brand value has earned the trust of sophisticated people. That’s why now we can see the shoes in the general people also. They spread their business.  

Targeting to the sophisticated:

You should appreciate that Doc Martens has reached the top of popularity and getting more day by day. Popularity should not be a reason for expensive prices.

According to the present price of the DM, it is sure that they are targeting the higher-level people in society. The current price is not affordable for the people of mid-income.

If you visit the official site, you will have proof of how they recommend the brand as their favorite brand. The expensive brand is for the expensive people.

Are Doc Martens Worth It?

Are Doc Martens Worth It

You can get what you are paying for. The choice is yours. If you buy the shoes at a low cost, they may become fit to your feet for a few days. After a few days, you may not use the shoes anymore because of the difficulty.

Doc Martens shoes ensure comfortability. In this case, you may feel uncomfortable for the first few days. Once the leather fits your feet, you will feel very comfortable. You will feel like the pair of shoes is made only for you.

The thick layer of leather ensures great durability with a nice outfit. The user may not find the finish line of the shoes in general use. According to all these things, I think Doc Martens is worth their money.


If you don’t have a pair of DM shoes, you may not judge their worth. You may get a duplicate pair of DM shoes in the market. Don’t judge the brand with the duplicate shoes.I have mentioned the considerable factors to discuss why are Doc Martens so expensive. You may add more factors that trigger the price of the brand.

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